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Mafia Deux: Trust No One.

Game Master: Mustache

Alpha, Serial Killer, wins Game 11: C9++ #2!

Game 12 - Survival Island

3 Serial Killers
1 "Chief" - Bulletproof Doublevoter
Everyone else : Vanilla Townie

Chief dies Night 3 no matter what.

Links to time: Day 1 - Night 1 - Day 2 - Night 2 - Day 3 - Night 3 - Day 4 - Night 4

Still on the Island (Alive) - 3


Buried in the Sea (Dead) - 7

OhStopCrying - Vanilla Townie - Lynched D1
Insidoubt - Vanilla Townie - Killed N1
qwEXspam - Vanilla Townie - Lynched D2
Nekokitty652 - Serial Killer - Killed N2
e.blink - Vanilla Townie - Lynched D3
Hearts - Chief - Died N3
MeansToOffend - Vanilla Townie - Killed N3

Suicide'd (Modkilled) - 1

DOMJOEPRO - Vanilla Townie - Modkilled D1
I don't...

What's the difference, except for the roles?
Just so we can have two games going.
Wow, you must be bored.
Are you playing?
REALLY bored are we...
If I play I am sure I will get what's going on in each mixed up.

Edit: I am taking over running the game while Stache is absent. Here is the link to the current rules.
Who cares?
Eh, me mostly.
...Oh my god you lamefuck get a life.
Haha hell, why not. I guess I'll play if we get enough players.
...You're not about to stop, are you.
Isaac and I are interested. Count us in.
Sameā€¦ odd
I will, if others will play too.

.-_- Do you see that face? That is the face of contempt.
...Kind of.
I have decided that I will only start a round if there the number of players is divisible by 4. Also, that number will be the number of Mafia members.
What do you mean, three number of Mafia members.

There's currently 6 players, and JSan, Carpe, Amissa and maybe Anti would want to play too.
Typo. For example, 12 people = 3 Mafia, 16 = 4, etc.
Oh, thank God. I thought you were saying 3 multiplied by the number will be the Mafia. So, 12 players will equal 9 Mafia. xD
Oh God no.
Sure, why not. I'm in.
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