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Everyone has 1000 coins at the beginning of the game. In each round, everyone PMs me with a certain amount of coins. If you submit the lowest amount of coins, you are automatically out of the game. If you submit the second-lowest amount of coins, you get your coins back. If you don't submit an amount of coins before the deadline (probably 24 hours), I will randomize your choice. The winner is whoever is left at the end of the game.

Game One Results
Game Two Results
Game Three Results
Game Four Results
Game Five Results


I am Jack's username
"Yes"? I didn't realize I asked a question.
Wait, so are we aiming to be second lowest?
Only if you want to get your coins back so you can use them in later rounds. But, you might guess incorrectly and end up being last. It's up to you as far as your strategy goes.
So the lowest is the only one out of game and the second lowest gets however much they "bet" back and the rest stay in the game but lose the coins that were "bet"?

Sounds amusing, I'll play
Yes. The stakes get higher as more people are eliminated. In the last round (2 players), the winner is whoever has the highest amount of coins remaining (since they would both bet all of their coins; doing otherwise is useless). Keep that in mind.
Hmm, is there anyway to get lost coins back?


Like maybe each round you could pick a number and if someone is in a ten number range of it they get like, 100 coins or something.. Unless of course they are the lowest then they are out anyways
Well, not in the original game. However, I can change that.

Rule: If someone bets a certain amount of coins (randomly chosen before each round) and doesn't get in last or second-to-last place, they can keep their coins.


EDIT: I didn't see your edit when I posted this. We could do it that was as well.
Hmm, both seem like valid ways of playing, your GM so it's up to you !
I'll play.
Alright. I'll start the first game when there are five players. I'm starting at five because it will allow the first game to go quickly (hopefully) and allow hesitant players to see it in action.
I would be interested in playing.
Yay! Alright, we will start the first game. Please PM me with your first bet.

This round will end in 24 hours or when everyone sends me his/her bet.
Whoever we are waiting for, hurry up c:
Me, I hope.
Since we are still in the first round, I can allow you to play. Go ahead and PM me your bet.
For notice, I'm playing. I can, right?
You may play. Please PM me your bet.
Double-post as an update.

Mirandaspacc: 650
cool7girl7: 501
I am Jack's username: 451
Mustache: 151
Carpe Diem: 129
JSan: 95
Meowmix6: 73

Meowmix6's original bet was 231. Then he changed it and is now eliminated.

Please PM me your Round 2 bets. This round will end in 24 hours or when all players submit their bets. No more players may join this game. Remember, you cannot bet more coins than you have (which I will update on the OP now).
Shouldn't I stay at 1000?
Fixed. Feel free to discuss anything on this thread relating to this game.
Wow, I thought people would bet a lot higher the first round!

What are the rules about ties?
In the event of a tie, I win.

Man, this game is intense.
If it's a tie for last place, the players involved in the tie will bet again, with the one coming in last in the new bet losing.

If it's a tie for second-to-last, the players involved both keep their coins.
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