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The Goal

To be the last one standing.

The Rules

Each turn you can take one of the following actions:
  • Shoot yourself
  • Shoot someone else
  • Shoot the sky

What Happens

  • If you shoot yourself, you die. If you shoot yourself and someone else shoots you, you live and they die.
  • If you shoot someone else, they die. If you shoot someone who shot themselves, you die and they live.
  • If you shoot the sky, nothing happens. If someone shoots you, you die.


1) Alpha
2) I am Jack's username
3) Nekokitty652

Past Winners

cool7girl7, I am Jack's username, and Isaac all shot themselves during the last round of Game 1.
JSan, I am Jack's username, and Mustache all shot themselves during the last round of Game 2.
qwEXspam and JSan shoot each other during the last round of Game 3.
cool7girl7, who was the only person left after the last round of Game 4.
I am Jack's username survived the bloodbath that was Game 5.
Nekokitty652 killed the last remaining player to win Game 6.
This sounds meaningless and possibly frustrating at some point...

That being said, count me in.
I'll try
I agree with Blaze, which makes me want to play all the more. I'm in.
I'm playing, but isn't this why coolgirl sparked the intervention threads?
No, Mastermind is the one. And then I promptly made the intervention thread.
Am I allowed to hack in a gatling gun?
You can try.
I'll play
I'm in.
Let's see what happens with this many players.

I suppose I should mention you are supposed to PM me your choices.

Allow me to participate?
Since I haven't received everyone's choice yet, you may join this game.
*Revs up gatling gun*

Would someone kindly step in front of me?
Blaze, JSan, and qwEXspam were playing a three-player game of Duck Duck Goose when they all randomly decided to take out a gun and shoot the person to his right.

cool7girl7 and Isaac came out of the shadows and shot the now-dead bodies of JSan and Blaze, respectively.

FlyingUnicorns was showing off her shooting skills to I am Jack's username. Jack then pulled out his own gun and shot FlyingUnicorns.

Meowmix6 wanted to repent for all of the deaths he caused as the Mafia, so he shot himself.

Meowmix6, FlyingUnicorns, Blaze, JSan, and qwEXspam were all shot.
I am Jack's username, cool7girl7, and Isaac move on to Round 2.
Haha, I actually laughed at this, although I'm not quite sure why...
Damn, I hate bullet wounds.
Hey, you are dead. Go die already. Just kidding; you can still post here. But why were you playing Duck Duck Goose, again?
I have always wanted to be a sort of waterfowl.
Haha the narration was not something I expected from this game! If it's not too much to add, could you cross out dead players from the original list?
I am Jack's username, cool7girl7, and Isaac all shot themselves. Game over...
I couldn't stand the guilt of killing Flying last round, so I formed a cult. Count me in for the next game!
I would like to join the next game as well, please!
I'm in as well. xD That was a great ending to that round. I swear, we formed a suicide pact.
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