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Become King of the Hill by any means necessary! God-modding is acceptable to a certain extent.

I hereby create a new hill. This hill cannot be destroyed or duplicated.
I sit atop the hill and proclaim it my own.
I take a picture of the hill and sit on it.
Ignoring the computer sitting on a picture, I offer the drunk some alcohol if she leaves the hill. She does.

My hill.
I continue to sit on top of the hill and fry Wild with a megawatt laser.
EDIT: Fix'd link.
I thank Wild for the alcohol, but I take it back because I left it once. Loopholes...
I obtain the deed to the hill and have your arrested for squatting. My hill.
I burn your deed and kick you off. My hill.
I murder everyone and feed them to the fishies.

My hill.
I am the fishies. After that revitalizing meal, I eat Alpha, too. My fish tank hill.
I cut up Cool7girl7 and burn her.

Mah hill.
I send Magilla Gorilla after Alpha to chase him of the hill. After the success Magilla Gorilla is put on guard duty.

Mon hill.
Some actually DOES buy that gorilla in the window, leaving your hill unguarded.

The hill, she is mine!
I push you off the hill. Shoo! Go somewhere else.

My hill.
After rolling down the hill, I storm back up angrily and disembowel you.

My hill, where I can now overreact in peace.
I feed you a chill pill which has a side-effect that causes people to roll down hills. Afterwards I take out a flag and claim the hill to be the Hilton Towers.

My hill with a neat little flag.
I hack the Hill state department and make the hill mine.

HILL1029: OWN: Lazro
Fuck you.

My hill
Alright alright alright. Daddy's been gone for a little while now and this is what happens to our hill? Although Armo and I were off fighting a huge interstellar war with the Decepticons and Armo fell in battle, Coolgirl and I are rightful owners of the hill. Our nation shall never fall. HEIL JARmo!

(Also the hill you've been fighting over is a fake... Sooo... awk)
Fuck yeah.
I pack the hill with explosives.

And I care why...?
you have blown up.

I laugh, still sitting atop the hill as it lands on Alpha's head.
That's still not the real hill.
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