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General Information

Poker Version: Texas Hold'em
Game State: Round 5
Poker Rules: Link
Thread Rules: Each player will be given $500. Each round, you will be given a PM with your two cards. On my side, I will be using a real deck of cards to keep track of which cards have been used. The gameplay will be standard, and everything will be done on the thread. Big blinds are $10 and small blinds are $5. When it is your turn, you have 24 hours to post your move. Due to this, it will be a long-term game, so please treat this as a commitment.


Player 1: Toad
Small Blind
Total Money: $545
Current Round Bet: $10

Player 2: Xato
Big Blind
Total Money: $520
Current Round Bet: $10

Current Round

Current Pot: $20

Cards left in deck: 41


Current Log

  • Toad calls.
  • Xato checks.
  • The flop is revealed.
  • Toad raises by $10.
  • Xato raises by $13.
  • Toad calls.
Yes, I'll play.
I'll join as well.
Me 2...:D
Deal me in.
Yes, please. Although, if the rounds are too quick, count me out.
With six players, the game will start now. Cards have been distributed.

We will go in turn down the list, starting with the player after the Dealer, which is... Isaac.

You may fold, call, or raise.
Yeah. I call.
All in.


Well, that didn't take too long. The first round of betting is over, so here are the three cards...

Back to Isaac.
. to you too, Muschy.
I'll raise by $20...
I'll raise by $30, seƱor (...)
Ohoho, this shit just got real.
Blinds should seriously be 5, 10. There's no room for risk if it's 10, 20.

I fold when my turn comes.
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