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In this game, it is a free for all where everyone is pitted against everyone. Your objective is to kill the threats to your power on your hit list to seize power in the capital. Some of your targets will be shown in the OP, but some targets will be a secret only you know.

"When I was a fighting-man, the kettle-drums they beat,
The people scattered gold-dust before my horses feet;
But now I am a great king, the people hound my track
With poison in my wine-cup, and daggers at my back.
" - R.E. Howard (from the Phoenix on the Sword).

Each day will be 48 hours and in this time you have to agree on who you are going to gang up on and kill, thereby removing from them power, the same way you vote for lynching in mafia. You do not need a majority, you just need more votes than anyone else. When enough blood has been shed in the capital, at the start of a 48 hour turn there may be a warning that the next turn will be only 24 hours. Be vigilant.

Universal power: You may PM me a different target than the one you publicly denounce. This will negate your public vote. This may reflect in your narrative. You may not send a secret vote without a public vote unless otherwise stated in your hidden power. There will be a narrative after each death.

You are allowed to tell each other your secret target, you are allowed to lie about it. You are encouraged to plot and scheme and PM each other, skype each other, call each other on the phone, meet up at coffee, whatever it is you do.

If you would like to add details, motivations, clues, ominous things, etc. Into the narrative simply PM me and I will be able to add it in.

You are not allowed to edit your posts, so use the preview button wisely. If I catch you doing it the Captain of the Guard will arrest you on the spot for conspiracy and you'll be out of the game. Captain of the Guard may become a player position if the game holds interest and works out OK.

Using the quote function to make someone say something they did not say is against the rules.

You must underline OR bold your public actions or they are null and void which may or may not affect your private action you PM to me. The rules for your power will be sent in a PM.

You can lie about anything you can get away with.

Be that your power, someone else's power, something someone else said, etc. Getting caught in a lie will not result in a public execution, only the mistrust of your fellow players. Only cheating by breaking my arbitrary rules will do that, and that's only if I catch you.

Surviving isn't winning, if someone else removes all four threats to their power before you, you lose. So be watchful.

Help me keep track of the intrigue by keeping all your interactions with me in the same PM I send out to you.

One thing you may not do, you may not copy and paste any message I send to you to show another player the veracity of your words. If they turn you in for that you will be executed on the spot.

Game 1 is the experimental pilot game set in a fantasy setting of Feudal Japan.

Player lobby:
1. Asesal, the Shogun. With the power of economy, technology and spies, continues to rule unopposed, vanquishing his foes.
2. Josh, legendary Geisha Poisoned by his own hand for his unrequited love towards the shogun.
3. Miranda, senior Jonin ninja Shot on the back of the head by the Flying Dutchman.
4. Spam, Daimyo/military adviser Ass raped to death by his council and kingdom out of sheer spite.
5. Mustache, Samurai bodyguard captain Stripped of his rank and put in charge of a small castle.
6. NekoKitty, Court Treasurer Disgraced and demoted to live out his days in a modest pasturage.
7. Soviet_Reunion, Dutch Missionary/Merchant Becomes one of the richest men in the world, his monopoly expanding and shaping more history than the East India Company.
8. ecr, Master of Shadows Holds supreme influence over most policy decisions and information, leads the capital into a new era of honesty and honor.
9. Means to Offend, Daimyo/political adviser Slain in cold blood by her co-conspirators.
10. opinionated1, court Kabuki (prostitute) Framed for high treason and summarily executed.

Known Targets:
1: 7, 4, 3
2: 6, 1, 8
3: 2, 9, 7
4: 5, 10, 3
5: 6, 2, 8
6: 1, 8, 10
7: 10, 1, 9
8: 4, 9, 7
9: 2, 5, 4
10: 5, 3, 6

Current Mob:
Means to Offend
And what about potatoes?
If you can cheat and get away with it, more power to you.
Since you were the first to join, you will be the Shogun. The first game's titles will be based off of Feudal Japan.
Kudos if you get it.

I'll play
Alright, you will be a Legendary Geisha of the royal court, josh.
Don't google that.
Miranda, you will be Miranda, a Jonin class on the royal council ninja.
I'll join, so much coffee will be shared you'll have a swimming pool the size of a cup filled with it.
Sure, why not. I'm in.
You are daimyo spam, a powerful warlord and cousin to the shogun. You are a military adviser on the royal council.
Asesal, that means that we hang out only on Thanksgiving and family reunions.
Alright, you will be a Legendary Geisha of the royal court, josh.

A what???
Mustache, you are a veteran Samurai and the senior member of the shogun's bodyguard.
I have cousin?

Thanksgiving is American...
Oh! Edo Rocket!
Fuck yeah.
When do we start?
Josh, a geisha is a shinobi that masquerades as an escort.

We start soon, I'd prefer to have at least six people, preferably nine. Give recruiting a little more time.
You are daimyo spam...

Is it pronounced "Damn, yo" or "Gretchen"?
When 4 people come.
You should all play Mafia Deux as well.
Haha, spam, I'm not sure.
I might get in next round, 'stache, I'm going to make sure I don't botch this first.
Make someone a kabuki princess! :D
Just for the lolz!
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