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While preachers preach of evil fates
Teachers teach that knowledge waits
Can lead to hundred-dollar plates
Goodness hides behind its gates
But even the president of the United States
Sometimes must have to stand naked

  • - Bob Dylan, It's Alright Ma
[Without all this guilt I feel] naked
Something about the way it
Wraps its arms around
White snow covers everything
An angel watches over me praying
She asks me for a favor
Catch me if I fall

Bridges - Rise Against
(Pray on my down) fall, you're outta luck
You bitches talkin' way too much
You want me to pull up the numbers to make you shut up?

KIRA - Rise Up Nation
[Making] up for all our crimes
Making up for all our crimes
Making up for all our crimes
Making up for all our crimes

Trivium - Leaving This World Behind
[So I collected all our plans and] crimes
And set them all alight
The only thing that bound me to this place
You took with you when you died
So goodbye, goodbye

All Is Well (Goodbye, Goodbye) - Radical Face
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye.

Without a doubt, I'm telling you I'm burnt out
My tank is running on empty for far too long
Whoa! I need fuel, 'cause I'm getting so low
Something drives me crazy; got to, got to get away!

Goodbye-Goodbye - Oingo Boingo
[Mom please flush it all] away
I want to see it go right in and down
I want to watch it go right in

Tool - Ænema
(Circles,) in circles, I go around
looking for something that can't be found
Circles, in circles, without a sound
my words can't be heard as the fear surrounds
my heart

KIRA - circles
[I've been locked inside your] heart shaped box for weeks
I've been drawn into your magnet tar pit trap
I wish I could eat your cancer when you turn black

Nirvana - Heart Shaped Box
[Can you even read the] blackboard written clear as can be?
Can you even read his mind? See that kid's lost fantasy?
Can you even find the one who dyed his red heart to black?
Hey, who could it be?
Hey, someone tell me!

Can you even solve the question with your abacus yet?
Can you even stop the rope from hanging him by his neck?
Did we really choose it right saying we're okay this way?
Hey, just tell me how
It's not like I care now

  • Lost One's Weeping, English cover
[So tell me] now
if this ain't love
Then how do we get out
Cause I don't know

Rise Against - Savior
[I just know]
Go on alone, 'cause I won't follow
This isn't giving up, no this is letting go
I made most of all this sorrow
I tried to brave this discontent, but now I'm through
I'm letting go of you

This Is Letting Go - Rise Against

All aboard the Rise Against train, choo choo
You've broken all of the promises we made
There's no lie that you haven't told to my face
You're gonna want me back when the scars start to ache
But baby, I'll be long gone

Don't come back here - KIRA feat. Rachie
[The feelings I once felt are now dead and] gone
I’ve waited here for you for so very long

Black Label Society - Stillborn
Long nights, impossible odds
Keeping my back to the wall.
If it takes all that to be just what I am,
I'm gonna be a blue collar man!

Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) - Styx (Pieces of Eight)
[What the dead] men say
Is just between us
What the dead men say
We can't let go

Trivium - What the Dead Men Say
[Go] on baby, hurt me tonight
All the spirits that I know I saw
Have you seen no ghosts in me at all?

Love Like Ghosts - Lord Huron
All my friends are wasted

All My Friends by Snakeships
[Wasted] it all just to watch you go
I kept everything inside
And even though I tried, it all fell apart
What it meant to me
Will eventually be a memory of the time when

In the End - Linkin Park
When I waited for you there was no show
Made myself believe the untrue, how could I not know?
But it seemed easier, just to lie
But I found you out, this is my last goodbye

Lianne La Havas - Gone
Goodbye Mr. A
You promised you would love us but you knew too much
Goodbye Mr. A
You had all the answers but no human touch
If life is subtraction, your number is up
Your love is a fraction, it's not adding up

Goodbye Mr. A - The Hoosiers (The Trick to Life)
Up on melancholy hill
There's a plastic tree

  • Melancholy Hill by Gorillaz
[And the trees] wave their arms and the clouds try to plead
Desperately yelling, there's something we need

Ode to Sleep - Twenty One Pilots
[I don't] need a soul
No I don't need a soul to hold
Without you I'm still whole
You and life remain beautiful

  • I don't need a soul by Relient K
[Beating and ripping at a] beautiful human
Who did nothing more than be himself

And Sadness Will Sear - Trivium
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