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one person puts something into the vending machine, and the next person posts what comes out. (and then he puts something of his own in)

for example;
person 1: Michael Jackson
person 2: a plastic nose. a deck of cards
person 3: a king, a queen, and a jack. chocolate milk

and so on. Let's start!

a werewolf
Some doggy biscuits.

I insert some lens flare.
out comes Spider-man

in goes Paper Mario
Out comes a pair of 3-d glasses.

In goes Sandra Bullock
Out comes the proposal...

In goes 5 dollars...
Out comes all of the food at Taco Bell

In goes a horse.
Out comes a package of Tesco "hamburger."

In goes a fire flower.
Out comes a chili powder

In goes a vending machine
Out comes the idea of recursions.

In goes the hopes and dreams of every child in China.
Out comes a factory.

In goes nutella.
Out comes hazelnuts

In goes your mother
Out comes yours.

In goes a chronosilastic infundibulum.
Out comes a Kurt Vonnegut novel

In goes a dog
Out comes a slaughterhouse, labeled "5" for some strange reason.

In goes a green cherry.
Out comes Kappa.

In goes Bill Gates.
Out comes the bills for the toll gates.

In goes a reel from a cassette tape.
Out comes the floppy bit of a floppy disk.

In goes the Encyclopedia Britannica.
Out comes the Encyclopædia Brittanica.

In goes some smoked Gouda
Out comes a wheel of sharp cheddar

In goes the last stores of Blockbuster.
Out comes This Is The End.

In goes an interrobang.
Out comes a yelling question?!

In goes a tittle.
Out comes a tattle.

In goes a watch
Out comes Father Time himself.

In goes a pie. ^_^
Out comes a whole lot of whipped cream.

In goes a gumball machine.
Out comes Benson.

In goes Congress.
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