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Out come 600 individually packaged grains of rice and a sachet of sauce.

In goes a kagoule.
out comes a racist joke

in goes a racist joke
Out comes a cultural inappropriation.

In goes a stereotype.
out comes Disney Channel

In goes Rocket Man
Out comes Pocket Cloud

In goes a JoJo reference
Out comes a packet of Jeftichews.

In goes a hamster.
Out comes a cardboard shipping tube.

In goes 50 pence.
Out comes a heptathlete.

In goes a javelin.
out comes an impaled patch of land

In goes a 1960s TV with aluminum foil on its rabbit ears
Out comes an American soldier.

In goes a broken biscuit.
Out comes a crumbling cookie.

In goes a dragon figurine.
out comes a knight figurine holding a decapitated dragon head

I insert 13 yen and a bowl of miso soup
Out comes 4£ and some spicy curry.

In goes 3,296 Jamacian Dollars and a surfboard
Out comes Ivah Wilmot, money hanging from his swim trunks

I insert an anime about being trapped in an anime about being trapped in a video game
Out comes a mixed case of meta-metaphors.

In goes a case of mistaken identity.
Out comes your SSN

In goes $300 USD worth of Brazilian, Mexican, Japanese, Croatian and Lithuanian currency
out comes $300

in comes Tails
Out comes a fur scarf.

In goes a pair of red running shoes and a Zapper.
Out comes the awesome dancing furry Rinn.

In goes my damaged social life
Out comes a "reality" TV show.

In goes a pack of cards.
out comes a poker set

in goes a tv (why are all the taxidermists so interested in Tails; give the boy a break already)
out comes a Netflick

In goes a folder of Yuri fan art
Out comes some yuri hentai.

In goes Sister Act.
Out comes The Color Purple.

In goes Shenzi the hyena.
out comes Whoopi Goldberg and a copy of "The Lion King"

In goes a European football and a treadmill
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