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Out comes a man, a plan, and a canal.

In goes a creepy mannequin.
Out comes Kim Cattrall.

In goes a lite beer
Out comes a glass of cold piss.

In goes a pint of Guinness.
Out comes a quart of world records

In goes a bread monster
out comes breadstone in mining simulator

in goes mining simulator
Out come a flock of seagulls.

In goes Stephen.
Out comes a hawk.

In goes a beating heart in the floorboards.
Out comes a pendulum in a pit.

In goes a color from space.
out comes all the colors

in goes nothing
out comes everything.

In goes my latest discord message.
Out comes an ellipsis.

In goes an ellipse.
Out comes a pair of perfect mathematical cones, joined at their tip. The cones are quickly confiscated by a pair of confused and concerned scientists, muttering something about Plato.

In goes a ball of Play-Doh.
out comes a masterpiece of a sculpture.

In goes banned memes.
Out comes dead memes.

In goes Alien Versus Predator
And only one comes out

In goes Geonosian eggs
Out comes Fett's helm.

In goes an Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy Degree.
Out comes Miss Tattooine, 4073

In goes Priscilla.
Out comes Rachel Rosen.

In goes a clockwork raven.
Out comes a gentle rap-rap-rapping noise. Maybe whatever was supposed to come out got stuck inside?

In goes a can of WD-40.
out comes an 8th grade science textbook (yes really)

in goes a science lesson
Out comes some duct tape.

In goes the Force.
Out comes a broken (forced open) door

In goes a Japanese clothing catalog
Out comes an anime about that very Japanese Clothing Catalogue and it's fantastic but only gets one season.

In goes depression.
Out comes mania.

In goes anxiety.
Out comes an eerily clean house, but a junk filled closet.

In goes a terrible song I wrote.
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