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Out comes a GameBoy COLOR.

In goes a YouTube copyright claim.
Out comes a bunch of sad viewers

In goes Enszo
Out comes XpertThief.

In goes a tasteless Ninja meme.
Out comes Ninja Brian gonna stab your ass

In goes a toilet
Out comes the Privy Council.

In goes a hedge.
Out comes a hedge wizard.

In goes a Magic Missile.
Out comes a Bullet Bill

In goes an iPod
Out comes the ghost of headphone jacks

In goes a can filled with string
Out comes one empty can

In goes a fun fact
Out comes an angry fundamentalist.

In goes a telethon.
Out comes confusion.

In goes my memes
Out comes your memes, only they're stale.

In goes a potato.
Out comes a French fry

In goes some ketchup
out comes a tomato

in goes my furry friend
Out comes a mammal and some of the wires it ate out of the vending machine

In goes Fix it Felix to fix the vending machine (which badly needed repair anyways)
Out comes those dickish townspeople from the game

In goes a “vibe scepter” from Mario (look it up it’s a thing lmao)
out comes a lovelove stick

In goes King Dedede
out comes 3D

in goes my bad jokes
out comes the real me

in goes you because now everyone knows what I look like and they start doing things below the belt
Out comes me, disappearing from existence.

Out comes the extermination of the Common Core State Standards
Out comes the Iowa State Testing’s decline as the standard of standardized tests.

In goes an ice cube
Out comes a lime shaved ice.

In goes a orange creamsicle.
Out comes 7-up with milk in it.

In goes a metal water bottle.
out comes a dened metal waterbottle and an adio recording. Press play.
<||> "*Clankety crash crash cRASH* "sorry guys it fell off my desk" *ting ting ting* "I'll go get it, no it's fine, sorry excuse me sorry. Ugg. why in the middle of a freekn test."

In goes a history textbook
Out comes cornel notes

In goes those pink frosted cookies that you get at the store
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