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Out comes a Cuban sandwich.

In goes a pair of green socks.
Out comes a fox wearing said socks. He speaks in tongue-twisters.

In goes a plate of green eggs and ham.
Out comes Sam, I am

In goes Luigi's striped socks
Out comes Mario's red hat.

In goes Mario's cart.
Out comes Luigi reading Descartes.

In goes a vigorous puff of air, as one might use to clean imagined dust off an NES cartridge.
out comes some bass clarinet music

in goes a student bass clarinet
Out comes cacophony.

In goes me calling dibs on WolfNightV4X1's soul
Out comes an inactive user

In goes the xkcd webcomic
Out comes the Decorum web comic.

In goes an Egg McMuffin.
Out comes a Macguffin

In goes a Texas Roadhouse
Out comes a grindhouse film.

In goes Danny Trejo's filmography.
Out comes Danny DeVito's coreography.

In goes a meal spicy enough to come with its own horn section playing the solo from Ring Of Fire as accompaniment.
out comes a person running to the nearest ice cream store

in goes a bucket of ice cream
Out comes a batch of delicious milk shakey goodness... ;)

In goes a turkey 4 hours late...
out comes a turkey prepared one year early

in goes late spooktober memes
Out comes a Christmas card that just says "APRIL FOOL" inside.

In goes a gallon milk jug, unopened. [Edit: Whole milk, of course, because 2% is just a waste of everyone's time.]
Out comes 50 gallons of 2% milk

In goes a cup of 2% milk
out comes a drop of milk

in goes that same drop of milk
out comes banana milk mmd vines

in goes puyo 39
Out comes yopu 93

In goes "Wow Wow Wubzy!"
Out comes WubWoofWolf.
I am also confused.
In goes osu.
Out comes Oregon State University

In goes Terraria
Out comes many hours of boss battle rages.

In goes a role play
Out comes a custom bowling ball. Tell me why.

In goes a 6' extension cord.
Out comes a 9'11" pole.

In goes a pit.
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