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Out comes a good fifth of the internet.

In goes a certain unnamed movie conglomerate's theme park.
Out comes the happiest place on Earth... ;)

In goes every phone made to last two years...
out goes some incomprehensible Japanese swearing

in goes a prepaid card that has zero balance
Out comes recycling it because it's non-reloadable (True story, btw)

In goes my degrading school life
Out comes a blank report card (it's de-graded, get it??).

In goes a 36" mini blind set.
Out comes a Mini Bar

In goes a barbaric rage
Out comes the Roman wall, also known as Hadrian's wall, which was built for the Roman Emperor Hadrian in 122 AD.

In goes my speech about walls
Out comes cries of derision from the crowd.

In goes a congress of baboons.
Out comes whatever the hell this is

in goes some OC
Out comes the first season of The O.C. on DVD.

In goes a .GIF of Chris Pratt from Parks and Recreation.
Out comes a .GIF of Reina Kousaka with the eyes of a dead fish.

In goes a few hand-painted anime girl body pillows
Granted, they're all anime paintings of famous works of art.

I wish I could get up from bed when I conciously wake up
out comes one of the wis threads

in goes a time when you should have been sleeping
Out falls your eyes from sleep deprivation.

In goes your eyes again
Out comes a set of binoculars.

In goes a telescope.
Out comes a book, a guide to backyard astronomy.

I insert a cue ball.
out comes a fortune cookie. It says that it's sources say no.

In goes Chinese New Year festivities that this site overlooked
Out comes a token system and lackluster rewards.

In goes a bust.
Out comes a chunk of marble.

I insert the fortune cookie.
Out comes a defective fortune cookie with no fortune

In goes a microwave
Out comes an oven

In goes ERROR.

Exception in thread "main" : NULLPOINTEREXCEPTION - Class 'Killjoy' not found
. . .at org.annoyance.poster.Kylljoy (
. . .at (
. . . at Main.main (
Out comes anger that you couldn't get the "at" lines to line up nicely.

In goes a double space after a period.
Out comes frustration .

In goes the promised land of the Grammar Nazis.
Out comes a perfect essay.

In goes the Fashion Police.
Out comes a pair of mismatched socks

In goes one of said socks
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