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Out comes an Elvis impersonator.

In goes a hound dog.
Out comes the hellhounds

In goes an anti-vaxxer
Out comes Ebola

In goes a hairpiece
Out comes another Elvis impersonator.

In goes the Colonel.
Out comes the General

In goes car insurance
Out comes a collision with an uninsured driver.

Out comes Strongbad.

In goes Homestar runner.

In goes a thatch-roofed cottage.
Out comes rot, and a lot of it

In goes inevitable decay.
Out comes an assumption-of-benefits contract from a shady mold remediation company.

In go lawyers, guns, and money.
Out comes a substantial amount of methamphetamine.

In goes a copy of Battletoads for the NES.
Out comes a pissed off Game Stop employee.

In goes Ultra Instinct Shaggy.
Out comes triggered hatsune miku.

In goes mikudayo
Out comes a google search

In goes multiple layers of formatting.
Out comes an unclosed tag.

In goes a lint remover.
Out comes a bunch of Lindt truffles

In goes five pennies
Out come four pennies.

In goes a dime.
Out comes a dime and a penny.

In goes a bag of chips
Out comes a media extravaganza.

In goes a hangover.
Out come beer shits.

In goes a thong
Out comes some g-string underwear.

In goes a guitar's g string.
Out comes a full guitar, missing only the g string.

In goes a Sprite Cranberry
out comes the clear answer

in goes pepsi man
Out comes a bottle of Crystal Pepsi.

In goes a can of Pepsi Holiday Spice.
Out comes the 30th anniversary Star Wars Holiday Special Pumpkin Spice Edition.

In goes some mold.
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