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Out comes a brony

In goes a brownie
Our comes a blondie

In goes canola oil
out comes corn

In goes fried water
Out comes dim sum.

In goes a one ton wonton.
Out comes 1-1 the racehorse.

In goes 1-2, which was one too.
Out comes a soccer score.

In goes the movie "A Bug's Life"
Out comes the Bee movie.

In goes a WASP.
Out comes an ANT

In goes a tank
Out comes Tank Girl.

In goes Naomi Watts.
Out comes a light bulb with 75 Watts

In goes a pony
Out comes £25

In goes a guinea.
Out comes a pig

In goes the color pink
Out comes Floyd.

In goes Zoot
Out comes a confused tc.

In goes life the universe and everything.
Out comes Adam

In goes Eve.

(Z&F are from the Muppets band)
Out comes Evening

In goes "Adam Ruins Everything"

(Oh ok)
Out comes a spare bunk.

In goes a ladder.
Out comes a cliff

In goes a cliff
Out come some Cliff notes.

In goes a glissando.
Out comes a crescendo.

In goes an apple
out comes a website

in goes the above link
Out comes a befuddled tc.

In goes a befuddled tc.
Out comes bad cleft dude.

In goes an anagram
Out comes a ram, ready to be nagged

In goes a palindrome
Out comes an emordnilap.

In goes George Washington's false teeth.
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