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Out comes Abraham Lincoln's false leg
It was so believable people didn't know it existed

In goes every Prime Original, Netflix Original, and Hulu Original ever made
Out comes The Pirate Bay.

In goes a Chinese bootleg of Contra.
out comes illegal contraband

in goes my friend's headband that she left at my house
Out comes a girl rubbing her forehead.

In goes a bruise.
out comes true pain

in goes Star Wolf
Out comes the Ursa Minor constellation.

In goes an "Astrology for Dummies"
Out comes a sign reading "Dumies 4 Astrolgy"

In goes a potatoe
Out comes a bottle of vodka.

In goes a bottle of bourbon.
Out comes a sheep on a rope.

In go two pillars.
out comes krikkit

in goes inkling's stupid ass roller

In goes by lack of Smash Bros.
Out comes your very own copy of Smash

In goes an empty promise
Out comes a ballot.

In goes a cupcake wrapper.
Out comes Robert Crumb.

In goes an army of roaches.
Out comes ME

In goes a army of highly mutated cockroaches
Out comes a Radroach.

In goes a BB Gun.
out comes Bebe Gunn.

In goes Radispook
Out comes Creep

In goes a pencil
Out comes a stubby pencil. It's mostly eraser.

In goes a towel.
Out comes a hitchhiker.

In goes a cup of tea.
Out comes a satisfied Arthur Dent.

In goes an Electronic Thumb.
Out comes a new intergalactic highway

In goes said highway
Out comes a robbery.

In goes daylight.
Out comes Fortnite

In goes Chris Thile
Out comes a mandolin solo.

In goes a mariachi duo.
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