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Out come little pieces of Canada.

In goes a maple leaf.
Out comes my horrible allergies.

In goes some Xyzal.
Out comes a phabet.

In goes a series.
Out comes a sequence.

In go some numbers.
Out comes a pie.

In goes a bag of holding
Out comes an engineer.

In goes a mine.
Out comes a different kind of mine

In goes about 3.50$
Out goes 2.50 and a bar of chocolate.

In goes communism
Out comes state capitalism.

In goes idealism.
Out comes disappointment.

In goes a tearable pun.
Out comes a cry for help.

In go the emergency services.
Out comes a headache

In goes Satan
Out comes Clownpiece

In goes an american flag
Out comes Betsy Ross' sewing kit.

In goes a Manson MB-1 guitar.
Out comes an amp from 2033

In comes the entirety of reddit
Out goes 4chan chan

In go the kawaii moderators.
Out comes liquid gay.

In comes April Fools.
Out comes a shower.

In go two rubber ducks.
Out comes someone's Anatidaephobia.

In goes the county of Brixton.
Out come the Brixton riots.

In go 1981, 1985 and 1995
Out comes a very familiar tune from the 2000s that rickrolls you.

In comes a bottle of wine
Out goes Tom Paxton.

In goes a packet of Marlboro.
out comes lung cancer

in goes a crab dancing on an island
Out comes a cast of crabs, clicking their pincers in an attempt of a semi-rhythmic beat.
It's like they're dancing, if not a rave.

In goes a water bottle filled with student's tears.
Out comes a jar of very casual milk. Casual milk, you know.

In comes my procrastination
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