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Out comes a long delay.

In goes a station announcement.
Out comes the NTSC raster screen

In goes trial version of software
Out comes an unregistered copy of HyperCam.

In goes an electron gun.
Out comes a positron sink.

In goes the arrow of time.
Out comes an infinite hourglass.

In comes a VPN
out comes your ip adress

in goes my browser history
Out comes a bottle of brain bleach.

In goes a bottle of bourbon.
Out comes a bottle of regular bleach

In goes the rest of this sandwich
Out comes a significantly flatter sandwich

In goes an encyclopedia book (volume H to be precise)
Out comes the volume, folded into an "H" shape.

In goes the ridiculously large coin slot on this vending machine
Out comes everything that has ever came in or came out.
(It was a mess, oh look, my lost Quest documents)
In goes my favorite penny.
Out comes your favorite penny. But it doubles itself every single day.

In goes an enamel pin.
out comes a blue and gold husky

in goes fanfiction
out goes some weird ass shit

in goes some weird ass shit
Out comes season 2 of The Copra Files

In goes Game of Thrones.
Out comes The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but with 200% more dragons.

In goes 500mg of pure cocaine.
Out comes Miami Vice

In goes the jaws of life
Out comes a small boat.

In goes a two-note theme.
Out comes a riff.

In goes an eighth note
Out comes a quaver.

In goes an F#ø7 chord.
Out comes a B Major chord.

In goes a 7 string guitar tuned to Drop G
Out comes a 5-string viola/violin hybrid.

In goes a hurdy-gurdy.
Out comes Weird Al Yankovic with his signature accordion.

In goes Weird Al's signature accordion....
Out comes Strange Fred's Signature Squeeze-box (He didn't take off like Al did, but I did like his goat parody "Bleat It")

In goes a Lookalike Knockoff
Out comes a Look-a-LikeTM knockoff.

In goes an oyster.
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