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Out goes, nothing. It shut down.

In goes a man named after a tree.
Out comes ash.

in goes Pikachu.
Out comes raichu
in goes a quarter
Out comes a hand full of pocket lint.

in goes homework
Out comes homework. It is indestructible and unchangeable.

In goes energy.
Out comes laziness

in goes a foot
Out comes a police officer, who arrests you for hacking someones foot off.

In goes an .ogg file containing the first sound ever made by man.
Out comes a .pdf file containing the last written work of man.

In goes the color green.
Out comes yellow and blue
In goes a microwave
Out comes popcorn.

in goes a box cutter.
Out comes Snake's box.

In goes several small children.
Out comes slenderman.

In goes my sickness. A cold, or whatever it is :/
Out comes a pandemic that sweeps the world and kills everyone but Madagascar....

In goes a couple of cans and some string.
PRBlitz12 said:
Out comes a pandemic that sweeps the world and kills everyone but Madagascar....
So much yes.

Out comes the telephone.

In goes a train.
Thank you so very much for getting the reference ^_^

Out comes a kid who kills people with one sentence.

In goes formatting errors.
Blitz, your awesome references are killing me here.

Out comes a Lazro

In goes Bambi

Edit: btw I'm just messing with you Lazro :P
Thanks. ^_^

Out comes do, a deer, a female deer. Re, a drop of golden sun. Me, a name I call myself. Fa, a long long way to run. So, a needle pulling thread. La, a note to follow So. Ti, a drink with I eat bread. That brings us back to do, a deer, a female deer.

In goes a can of Mtn. Dew.
Out comes a jar of piss.
(Sorry, Mountain Dew lovers)

In goes a handsome lad that attends a boarding school.
Out comes a nice knit scarf of maroon and yellow

In goes a telephone
Out come a call from a long lost friend.

in goes the internet
Out comes the dark ages
in goes coal
Out comes diamonds

In goes a potato pie.
Out comes me.

In goes Bob Ross.
"God dammit Ross."

In goes a heart of a half-angel.
Out comes a quarter and some change...

In goes all the work you've ever done...
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