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Out comes quicklime

In goes fastlime
Out comes the last time.

In goes a dollar coin.
Out comes a coined dollar

In goes a thicc book
Out comes scraps of paper and puddles of ink.
In goes what I just described.
Out comes a reference.

In goes conceptual art.
Out comes people arguing over the meaning.

In goes a lemon
Out comes a de-mən.

In goes a bag of 90s' butterfly hair clips.
Out comes a box of butterfly knives

In goes a hundred tiny rubber ducks
out comes 100 bubble-baths for each ducky

in goes some more bubble-bath solution
Out comes a sea of bubbles.
In goes a few Gems.
Out comes the Hope diamond and a packet of midget gems.

In goes A New Hope.
Out comes The Last Jedi.

In goes The Revenge of the Sith
Out comes some confused Trekies.

In goes a watch
Out comes an eye.

In goes a Sheika
Out comes an ocarina.

In goes an octopus.
Out comes a squid

In goes a cuttlefish
Out comes a parrot.

In goes a pirate.
Out comes a boat

In goes an oat
Out comes a granola bar.

In goes a cure.
Out comes a curate.

In goes snake oil.
Out comes a glass bottle with a label that says Cure-all for all your needs!

In goes pitch-black liquid.
Out comes a picture of a pitcher of pitchblende.

In goes an active radio channel.
Out comes a radioactive channel

In goes some love
Out comes a bloodied marriage certificate with your SO/crush.

In goes a textbook.
Out comes three kilograms of loose leaf, tear-stained paper.

In goes a Victorian love letter.
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