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Out comes a reclaim.

In goes a load of baggage.
Out comes a destroyed lump of cloth, and the condolences of Delta

In goes a caps lock key, broken.
Out comes a Shift key.

In goes Harrison Ford
out comes a badly rusted car.

In goes a floating finger.
Out comes a floating hand.
Also, Harrison Ford is an actor, Henry Ford is the guy who made cars.

In goes Henry Ford
Out comes a brave new world. Praise Ford!

In goes a dystopia.
Out comes a utopia

In goes my friend trying to set me up with some of her friends
Out comes a book of ships.

In goes an extremely active imagination.
Out comes an imaginative action.

In goes a flashmob.
Out comes a flashbang

In goes a frog
Out comes a toad

in goes the app Flipaclip
out comes an amazing demo

In goes some red text
Out comes red square, moscow.

In goes rasputin
Out comes a pickled penis.

In goes an ancient artifact.
Out comes a priceless amount of money and multiple contracts for storing or examining it.

In goes pain.
Out may or may not come gain.

In goes a fashion statement.
Out comes opinions

In goes ArcGIS, map maker software
Out comes Vegas pro 15, a video editor.

In comes a monitor
Out comes the hall

In goes a camo wallet
Out comes an invisible wallet.

In goes a keyboard
Out comes Roundabout

In goes Roundabout by Yes
Out comes Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

In goes Dio Brando

in goes the Sonic movie
Out comes the Super Mario Bros. movie.

In goes a ticket stub.
out comes the ticket

In goes the Sonichu comic and a grammar nazi
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