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Out comes a graphic novel and an English concentration camp.

In goes a Grammar Hitler
out comes a passive voice Holocaust

in goes an active voice Holocaust
Out comes fervent persecution of countertenors.

In goes Death.
Out comes a tax return.

In goes the Count.
out comes x + 1 = y

in goes x^2+2x+3
Out come zeros at x=-1Âħsqrt(2)i.

In goes a counterexample to the Riemann Hypothesis.
Out comes a Reimann product

In goes a can of clear paint
Out comes a can of varnish.

In goes a protection racket.
Out comes a tennis racket and a football helmet. *shrugs* Hmm must still be broken.

In goes Fixit Felix to fix it!
Out comes a glitch.

In goes a glitch. You're not sure if it is the same one.
Out comes a bug fix update

In goes a blank message:

Out comes some code;

In goes misspellings.
Out comes Ms Pellings.

In goes Mr Phai.
Out comes Jack Nicholson. Why? Don't ask.

In goes The Shining.
Out come sin twisters.

In goes a spoon.
Out comes a spoonful of sugar.

In goes a moldy loaf of bread.
Out comes a rye smile.

In goes a grain of truth.
Out comes a whole-oat of misinformation.

In goes a revision.
Out comes a retraction.

In goes a thurible
Out comes a gold thimble

In comes a sword
out comes paralyzation

in goes daddy issues
Out comes a generic main character in a romance novel.
in goes a metroidvania style game.
Out comes a game stylist with daddy issues.

In goes a Greek tragedy.
Out comes a Shakespearean comedy

In goes a partridge in a pear tree
Out comes a Christmas cake with decorative piping.

In go the Scots Guards.
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