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Out comes Bill S Preston, esq.

In goes Ted (Theodore) Logan.
Out comes an excellent phone booth and a pair of black high tops. Spock, The Rock, Doc Ock, and Hulk Hogan

In goes Marty McFly's rainbow holographic cap.
Out comes a slip of paper

"Wah, it's 2020 where's my hoverboard?"

You also get a Segway with its handle chopped off.

In goes a non-sequitur
Out come a pair of secateurs.

In goes a shrubbery.
Out comes it.

In goes It (the film).
Out comes who’s on first.

In goes a ghost who needs a pen.
Out comes a poltergeist in need of a pencil.

In goes a quarter
Out comes a dime.

In goes a penny.
Out comes a dollar. You made 99 cents.

In goes a pancake
Out comes a bunny.

In goes a Hutch.
Out comes Starsky.

In goes Mister Blue Sky.
out comes the fair Dawn

in goes Cosmo
Out comes politics.

In goes logistics
Out comes a rational decision, rare in this day and age so guard it carefully

In goes some common sense
Out comes a shared penny.

In goes a sheared pony.
out comes five hooves


in goes a guitar capo
Out comes da capo al coda.

In goes a Guitar Hero controller.
Out comes a virgin with rage attempting to impress girls with it

In goes the virgin with rage
out goes an incel

in goes $1.51
Out comes a soda. You paid for a soda.

In goes a bad movie that I laugh at.
out goes a 1 million dollar flop

in goes a bunch of bananas
Out comes a gaggle of apples.

In goes a bag of geese.
Out comes a down pillow.

In goes a miniature but functional replica of this vending machine.
Out comes an even smaller functional replica of this vending machine.

In goes the halting problem.
Out comes a starting problem.

In goes 13 iPads and an android.
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