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Out comes exactly what your thinking.

In goes Blake the imposter
Out comes Blake, from a vent elsewhere on the vending machine.

In goes my microphone
Out comes a disgruntled, dumbfounded, and peculiarly colored abominable snowman.

In goes a children's book I remember from second grade but that I don't know the name of but it applies to this situation I promise.
nothing comes out

Out comes the “I can’t believe you’ve done this” guy, just for you.

In goes me.
Out comes you, but at a slightly higher velocity than when you went in

In goes my foot
out comes your other foot

In goes both of my feet
Out comes a pair of meters you don't recognize.

In goes the entire facilitation
Out comes the concept of oscillation.

In goes online school.
out comes a generation of depressed, lonely students

in goes this rock i found
Out comes the same rock, but it’s mine now.

In goes coffee.
out comes tea

in goes a passive agressive note asking for my rock back
Out comes the rock

In goes italics
Out comes italy

In goes
Out goes something

In goes black ink
Out comes pink ink

in goes Amazon, the company
Out comes Amazon, the rainforest.

In goes the concept of a forest.
out goes profit

in goes the vending machine forum game
Out comes a schematic of the vending machine.

In goes the schematic of the vending machine.
out comes the schematic of machine x plus a duplicate

In goes the two schematics of machine x
out comes a lot of marbles

in goes one marble
Out comes a cube.

In goes a pyramid.
(I still have that rock btw)
the vending machine breaks, a pyrimid is too large

in goes curious george
out comes a monkey and a child's drawing of a monkey

In goes a monkey stuffie
out comes fabric and beads

in goes a fat cat
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