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Out comes a ninja.

In goes the phrase "in goes".
Out comes the phrase "in goe-" wait, what?

In goes this vending machine into an adjacent vending machine because it is seemingly broken.
Out comes a new vending machine. Be warned, however, you might vend some, unexpected items.

In goes a can of Pepsi Cherry
Out comes a jar of Pepsi-flavored cherries.

In goes me!
Out comes a crowd of happy people.

In goes all of us.
out comes a flock of doves

in goes a skeleton
Out comes an even spookier, scarier skeleton.

In goes an apology letter for breaking the previous machine.
Out comes a dancing father figure. I think he's the manager.

In goes the aforementioned dancing father figure.
Out comes a broken record labelled "Surfin' Bird by the Trashmen".

In goes said record.
Out comes the basic vinyl materials.

In goes a denim jacket
Nice profile picture.

Out comes a jacket denim.

In goes the color indigo.
out comes every awesome thing to ever exist

in goes the mighty sphinx(ter)
Out comes the Great Stone Face.

In goes bubblegum.
Out comes gubblebum.

In goes the word "popcorn" with the C and first P switched.
Out comes something that you're too young to watch.

In goes a severed human foot.
Out comes your mum.
In goes the cover of a twilight novel.
Out comes a vocal cover of a Twilight Force song.

In goes a (singular, we could only afford one) Hero of Mighty Magic.
in goes the number e
out comes the letter ඞ

in goes the l key
Out comes l

In goes The World Revolving
Out comes by "Around the World" by Daft Punk.

In goes a human kidney.
Out comes a human heart

In goes E
out comes 3

in goes two cans
out comes & string

in goes the colour blue
out comes green

in goes orange
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