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out comes apple

in goes r/askouija
Out comes Ask Ouija thread on twocansampersandstringdotcom\

In goes a vitamin C gummy I just had
Out comes an orange.

In goes a box of various medicine bottles.
Out comes the bottle filled, you should probably make sure they're the right medication though

In goes the book To Kill a Mockingbird
Out comes some annoying bird who keeps saying "Nevermore! Nevermore!".

In goes a singing grape.
Out comes a real annoying orange.

In goes the Biting Pear of Salamanca.
Out comes the Biting apple of Salamanca.

In goes a pack of sticky notes.
Out comes an origami crane

In goes 3 metric tons of glue.
Out comes that weird kid from Kindergarten who smells funky.

In goes 所.
Out comes r/place but better

In goes a star
Out comes Pluto (any of them)

In goes a trumpet
Out comes some band kid spouting on about communism.

In goes the inferior, disgusting state of K*nsas.
Out comes communist OURkansas

In goes the Magna Carta, along with everyone who signed it
Out comes the Queen! She's not happy.

In goes the superior, beautiful state of Missouri.
Out comes hell on earth.

In goes a bag of potato chips
Out comes a bag of munchy-crunchy crisps with the flag of the UK on the back.

In goes Conspiranoia.
Out comes your mother

In goes your mother
Out comes your father

In goes Madeline
Out comes some annoying girl screaming about nonsense

In goes my self-worth
Out comes 20 bucks.

In goes a rapidly reproducing harmful amoeba out to destroy the universe.
Out goes Dark Matter

In goes Mt. Celeste
Out comes Mt. Everest.

In goes a camping tent.
Out comes a hanging cot

In goes Reach For The Summit
Out comes Stal

In goes a russian doll
Out comes even more

In goes Pigstep
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