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Out comes a pig (minus feet)

In goes Napoleon
Out comes British propaganda and a revolution.

In goes the country of Switzerland.
Out comes a confused man mumbling in Cantonese

In goes James Corden
Out comes the hand from the Emoji Movie

In goes the internet
Out comes

In goes a hamster
Out comes a fish

In goes my friends' souls
Out comes your soul

In goes the meaning of life
Out comes 42.

In goes said 42.
Out comes 42.00000000000000000000003

In goes some legoes
Out comes some Eggo's.

In goes The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Out comes a dolphin.

In goes my glasses
Out the same glasses, now broken because some damn blue-collar tweeker smashed them against a brick wall.

In goes italics.
Out comes BOLD

In goes Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Out comes something. I can't see what because my glasses are broken

In goes my glasses again
Out comes your glasses, now absolutely tarnished because you put them in a vending machine.

In goes a ninja.
Out comes multiple ninjas

In goes Legends Arceus
Out comes a franchise that continues to reuse the same formula with slight variation yet continues to sell millions

In goes the jonker
Out comes a duck with it's face painted to look like the Joker.

In goes the country of Austria.
Out comes the country of Australia

In goes the greatest B
out comes the worst bee

in goes Super Metroid for the Super Famicom
Out comes Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance

In goes Kill la Kill
out comes cowboy bebop

in goes Radical Edward
Out comes wow I need to rewatch Cowboy bebop

In goes a horizontally spinning rat
out comes a vertically still rat

in goes the latest iPhone
Out comes the screen shattering after a 1cm drop.

In goes aneurysm edging
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