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Tell me who would win this fight, then post another match.

For bonus points, go into detail about why and how. Make the match-ups whimsical and/or abstract.

Who would win in a fight - Jem or Jewel? Winner fights Neil Diamond
Jem because how do you fight a hologram?

Who would win in a fight, Count von Count or Count Chocula?
Count von Count. Although he's known for his kids' show segment, his passion for numbers stems from a profound understanding of strategy and tactics that gives him the edge over Chocula's sugar-based frontal assault.

Who would win in a fight - Bob The Builder, or Handy Manny?
Bob the Builder; you only have to crack open the concrete he pours to know why.

Ringo Starr or the Muffin Man?
Ringo Starr because the Muffin Man is all talk.

Who would win in a fight, my avatar or your avatar?
My avatar, a Fatalis. (Because Mortal Kombat.)

Barbecue or The New York Giants? Remember! That BBQ is beefy!
BBQ - the winnerwiener.

Gonna replay this one... Who would win in a fight - Gene Simmons or Richard Simmons?
The Dick.

Microsoft Word or A box of twenty tin cans.
Microsoft Word frustrates the box of cans so much they're driven to suicide. Word wins by default.

Who would win in a fight - Jack the Ripper, or Barry the Chopper?
.... If referencing anime, Barry.

If not, Jack.

Wood versus an insane amount of lint.
Lint balls up around the wood to render it innefective for clubbing or stabbing. Lint wins.

Who would win in a cage match - Leekspin or Nyan Cat?
Nyancat, but both come away feeling very victorious.

Mr. Rogers or Mother Teresa?
Mr. Rogers... ;)

Abraham Lincoln vs George Washington...
Washington; he has more direct military experience.

Who would win in a fight - a belt sander or a rotary sander?
Belt sander obv, it can get those rough angles better

The mighty ducks or the toon squad from space jam?
Ducks because you don't fuck with hockey.

(A belt also turns wood into projectiles. Just don't hit your teacher.)

Five kestrels, or Skrillex?
Five kestrels because....birds!

Who would win in a fight, Gandalf or Dumbledore?
Gandalf. If only because he has magic and a sword. Plus, his hat's cooler.

Who would win, a Mac or a PC?
PC because It's what I know. (and I'm sure Macs are crap or something.)

Leaders vs. a flock of hummingborgs.
Leaders...they don't call them leaders for nothing...

Sirius Black or Jacob Black in dog mode?
Do you really need to ask? Sirius is a MAN! (And he's dealt with werewolves.)

Castlevania VS Jean-Luc Picard.
Castlevania, because Alucard is bamf half-vampire and Picard is human.

Alduin vs Smaug
Alduin because Smaug is still groggy after his nap and couldn't take care of 12 dwarfs.

The Keebler Elves or the Smurfs?
The Keebler Elves. They have the magical ability to bake a bunch of damn cookies in a tree without it burning down. The Smurfs would then eat those damn cookies and become fat. (The elves are excluded from becoming fat because they have magical resistance to cookies from all their experience.. +5 magical resistance per level.)

Wolverine vs Deadpool
I'm not sure Deadpool is killable. If you rip off his head, it grows back. Wolverine can't do that...

The Cardassians or the Kardashians?
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