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Coke is the real thing.

In the same context: beer or ale?

Who would win: a mouse or a computer mouse?
oops, ninja'd
307 Ale, of course!

The rodent would chew through the power cord. K.O.

Who would win in a fight, Jim Jones or Jimbo Jones?
Jim Jones.

Who would win, the GEICO Gecko or Rango
Rango has a gun.

Who would win, Bing or Yahoo?
Yahoo, because the name is more fun to say.

Who would win: Phil Connors (from Groundhog Day) or William Cage (from Edge of Tomorrow/Live Die Repeat)?
Phil Connors, he can just keep redoing the fight, learning your moves.

Who would win: Shaggy or Scooby doo
Scooby (but only while he's jacked up on Scooby Snacks).

Who would win in a fight, an oak tree or an elm tree?
Why did you not ask if it was oak tree or professor oak
Why don't you answer and then ask it yourself? : )
gws said:
Who would win in a fight, an oak tree or an elm tree?

An oak tree, only because it's had a harder life... ;)

Who would win in a fight between Martin Luther King Jr. and Barack Obama..?
Obama. King wouldn't want to get into a fight.

Who would win, Dailymotion or Vimeo?
Dailymotion, better pirating

Who would win, Webtoon or Lezhin
Webtoon. I've heard more about them, so I assume they're bigger.

Who would win: Maxwell (the guy from Don't Starve) or James Clerk Maxwell (the scientist)?
James Clerk Maxwell, because science. It works, bitches.

Who would win in a fight, Gerry Mander or Jerry Seinfeld?
Seinfeld because he is a noun, not a verb.

Who would win: the Soviet Union or a bear?
Putin rides bear. Hammer and sickle win.

Who would win: Doomguy or Master Chief?
If Doomguy finds the secret room with the BFG9000Oh yes. it's all over. But otherwise, Master Chief.

Who would win in a fight, the Super Mario Bros. or the mafia?
The Mario Brothers have more than 1 life.

Who would win, Netscape Navigator, or Internet Explorer?
Navigator transforms into Firefox, IE into Edge. Edge is left quivering in a corner.

Trump vs Putin?
Putin may be putin' his all in to it, but Trump can always play his trump card

Who would win in a fight?
A regular expression, or an expressive regulation?
A regular expression. There's nothing that can't be matched by a regular expression.

The needs of the many, or the needs of the few (or one).
Neither, the train hits them both

Who would win in a fight?
AP Environmental Sciences or AP Biochemistry?
You will if you take them both.

Who would win, a TI-30XS or TI-36X Pro
TI 30x Pro, those extra features really give it an edge
btw AP Biochem isn't real :'(

Who would win? Underline or Strikethrough?
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