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Cool trick to show random scientists if they use a microscope.

The ability to sleep at the most unnecessary times.
You can sleep during class!

Being able to convince anyone that the wrong pronunciation of any word is the correct one.
You can pass the speaking part of your Spanish test.

The ability to see with your ears.
At least you could get a different view on the world.

The ability to type on your phone only(no other electronic device could do this) with your mind.
Whole essays can finally be written on a smartphone in a way that is more comfortable than before.

The ability to type at 400 WPM but only on a manual typewriter
Buy a manual typewriter and turn EVERYTHING in on typed paper.

I curse NP to always have 1%, with a 50+% chance of it dying every minute.

Anime powers but only the useless ones
It's the technique not the power.

Roll a d20 for every decision
You'll become familiar with it and be able to calculate your bonuses in an instant

The ability to store tennis balls in your stomach and regurgitate them at will.
You can projectile vomit the balls at your enemies

The ability to type in binary
I’d be an excellent extra encypter.

The ability to make and fly paper airplanes perfectly.
redefine air mail

The ability to message people with clavichords
It provides a moral boost, as well.

The ability to always be engaged, in everything.
you wont procrastinate

the ability to make only your finger nails invisible
You can have very long nails, and no one would notice.

The ability to finish homework perfectly, as long as you spend 24 hours on it.
Good for week long projects worth a large part of your grade.

The ability to swap your hairs around
Balding seems to be less of an issue now.

The ability to accurately navigate to a specific destination with the setback of never remembering how to get there.
You'll work just as well as my current GPS
Turn Left
Make a U-Turn
Drive into the nearest lake

The ability to write brilliant stories, but autocorrect is always on, regardless of if you're on a computer or paper.
Hey, my spelling’s not horrible for once!

The ability to remember anything, but only at the time you least need it.
That changes nothing for me lol

The ability to change the color of your shirt for a nanosecond every 3 weeks.
You could pull some good shit with that

Omniscience but only with trivia
Pub quiz champion!

The ability to repair rotary dial telephones.
If there was ever a movie in which a rotary phone needed to be destroyed, and needed multiple takes, I guess that'd be helpful?

The ability to know when a duck is watching you somewhere in the world
You will know if a duck is stalking you and planning to kill you.

The ability to come up with a perfect comeback AFTER the argument/conversation/ whatever is over
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