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You will remember it for a later argument

the ability to always lose a game
In order to thwart the curse, you end up treating everything very seriously and are so professional that you succeed in the business world! Nothing is a game to you now. (Pro: $$ Con: Stress)

The ability to force people to fall in love with you
Legions of devoted followers.

The ability to tie shoelaces with the opposite lace on top.
You may become the world's best shoe-tier.

Everything you chew makes a loud crunching noise that anyone in the same room would hear
A career in cereal advertising awaits.

The ability to count to 200.
You become a very skilled mathematician

The ability to see farts
You will know how to avoid farts.

The ability to type slower.
Your accuracy will always be 100%

The ability to sleep less
More time to do productive things!
Or, less time trying to sleep and failing.

The ability to fall asleep whenever you’d like and for however long you’d like, but only when you have to pay attention to stuff.
[meetings, real-time fighting stuff, etc.
Not grinding for levels or YouTube.
Actually interacting with stuff or expected to be interacting with stuff.]
better sleep schedule?

The ability to travel through space, but not at light-speed
further into our solar system so we get more info about other planets

the ability to make vowel shapes with your tongue when your mouth is closed
You can roll your tongue very well.

The ability to become truly invisible, but you are also blind.
Survival in a laser fight.

The ability to backdate an E-mail.
You're able to plan ahead for events better in the past.

How would you even backdate an email?

The ability to unpaint walls.
How would you even backdate an email?
Wyyca21 said:
Perhaps just making it seem like it was sent at an earlier date.

Don’t like a paint job? Reverse it!

The ability to learn anything in an hour of focus, but only when extremely sleep deprived.
You can procrastinate by watching YouTube, playing video games, whatever you do for fun, and then when you are tired, You can study really fast!

The ability to procrastinate on homework
combine with the super power 2 posts above and now your can effectively study for your math test and splice the Sonic canon together in the same night

The ability to splice the Sonic canon together in a coherent way
Whatever it is, it now has a hot water function. Enjoy hot water, I guess.

The ability to know when someone contemplates murder
Detective work for murder is much easier.

The ability to create such a detailed fantasy that you are there, VR-style.
What a good way to alleviate stress

The ability to summon an eraser once every 24 hours. You have to do it every 24 hours.
Start a local eraser company and make money after about 5 years of popping erasers into existence.

The ability to ask a weird question when no one pays attention to you.
shower thought to post online

the ability to instantly become entirely covered with paper cuts
I guess you could find a way to utilize that power to pull off some things with your insurance

The ability to colorize an image but only if it's an image that has a color original that's been grayscaled
Make money un-grayscaling pictures of famous people?

The ability to stop time but for literally a second
The second doesn't exist if time is stopped. So, you can stop time really whenever.

The power to know immediately when anyone from any distance says "45"
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