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I just saw this game and I thought it looked fun. Basically, you take a movie title and add one word to completely ruin it.

Like "Pillow Fight Club" or "Finding Nemo's Body"

You get the gist.
Saving Ryan's Privates
Five Iron Man
Captain South America
Beethoven's Fifth Drink
The Avengers' Underwear
Braveheart Squarepants.
Forum Avatar.
Guardians of the galaxy S3
Alien vs Sexual Predator
The Employment Terminator
All Dogs Won't go to Heaven
The Incredible Hulk Parade
Pulp is fiction
Up Chuck
Lord of the wedding rings.
Lord of the Ring Worm
Pawnshop Armageddon.
Fifty Shades of Grey Hair

(Although, that *May* make the movie better)
^ It was already bad for a similar reason, but you just made it worse.

Frozen Yoghurt.
Pop Star Wars
the (break)fast and the furious.
The Shiny
The Magnificent Seven Sins
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