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Name crayon colors that don't exist...but should! Tell us a little about them if the name isn't self-explanatory.


* Beautiful Danube Blue
* Invisible Ink - makes the page transparent!
* Rum Red
* Cherenkov Blue (you probably shouldn't stay in the same room as this crayon for very long)
Astatine ???
Bohrium ???
Seaborgium ???
Hassium ???
Nobelium ???
Francium ???
Ununtrium ???
Copernicium ???
Roentgenium ???
Meitnerium ???
Ununpentium ???
Darmstadtium ???
Flerovium ???
Ununseptium ???
Ununoctium ???

Get working, Crayola nuclear scientists.
What about Praseodymium? Does it get no love?
Too impractical to make.

On that note:

Helium __
Neon __
Argon __
Xenon __
Krypton __
Suggestion for y'all: go to Home Depot and look at the carpet colors. "Metaphor."

I want "Crayola Clear Wax" as a color.
One of my favorites from the old thread: Creeper Green.
You can draw with it, but the lines will quietly sneak up to other colors and explode.
Conway's Grey of Life: Vanishes if it's with fewer than 2 or more than 3 other Conway's Grey crayons.
Lazro said:
Too impractical to make.
And what, Ununoctium isn't?
Coldfrost said:
And what, Ununoctium isn't?
On the contrary. Ununoctium's much closer to the so-called "island of stability." This makes its half-life much longer than unstable elements like praseodymium and even longer still when compared to highly experimental elements such as bismuth, lead, and the incredibly elusive thallium.

Researchers have proposed the existence of lighter elements than thallium, but no serious research has gone into uncovering these.
Eiffel 65's Blue Crayon
Slate mine
Generic PC Beige. (Used to be 'IBM Beige' but even my imagination had to rename it because of a trademark lawsuit.)

[Edit] And more recently, Generic PC Black.
Supervisor's Tears After He Realized He Made a Whole Batch of Clear Crayons.
Fuchsia Shock for when you can't believe how much the drawing has changed.
Red State and Blue State, very popular colors during election season.
gws said:
Red State and Blue State, very popular colors during election season.

Florida Purple
Threat Level Green doesn't exist, but should.
Laser Lime.
A mellow mix of orange and green.
White Noise
(I'm done, you win the internet, I can't even)

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