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A thing that I would like preserved and had no idea where to put it.
From Omegle:
Stranger: Hey
You: Hello!
Stranger: F
You: Also F.
Nice to find another for once.
Stranger: I have found lots
You: Hm, maybe I just have bad luck then?
I’ve only been here for less than a day though.
Stranger: Oh ok
You: How long have you been here?
Stranger: 3 months
You: ...yep, that’s a while.
Does everyone get the prompt, or is it just one side?
Stranger: Idk
Stranger: So you into boys or girls
You: Neither.
Stranger: Oh ok
You: what about you?
Stranger: Boys
You: Noted.
What do you find interesting about them? Or is it not a logical thing?
Stranger: Idk
You: Have you noticed any patterns yet, then?
Stranger: No
You: Aye then.
You: I don’t want to pry too much since, you know, we’re both strangers.
Stranger: Oh ok
You: How many crushes have you had thus far?
Stranger: About 3
You: Ah, alright then. Just wondering.
What does a crush feel like? How can you differentiate from a more normal situation?
Stranger: A crush feels like a connection with somebody that they might not have with you but might and you just want to be with them
You: Noted.
I’ve been collecting accounts for awhile.
It seems to quite generally be an obsession with them, slight or not.
Stranger: Idk
You: I was and still am genuinely curious to see accounts, though. Since I feel like I’m supposed to have one by now.
Apparently the average age for getting a crush is ten. That’s young and tiny.
Stranger: Umm how old are you
You: 15
You: and still no crush.
You: as of currently. my count is zero.
Stranger: Oh I'm sorry
Stranger: I'm 12 and I feel bad
You: It’s fine. Most people would assume young with a 0 crush count.
I’m still slightly weirded out about the whole “do you have a crush” thing starting in middle school.
And sorta smoothing out in high school.
Stranger: I had my first crush when I was in year 1
You: . . . What age is that, about?
I don’t really know other school systems.
Stranger: About 5 or 6
You: Ah.
That truly is tiny. A little bit worrying, honestly.
Or maybe that’s just an beginning school thing.
Crushes generally don’t seem to be taken seriously at that age.
Stranger: I know but I really did like him
Stranger: But then I moved schools
You: I don’t doubt it.
Ah. That’s always sad. I moved in...1st grade?
So maybe I never got time or something.
Stranger: Oh I'm sorry
Stranger: I have to go now
You: Bye!
Stranger: But it was nice speaking
You: Indeed. Longest conversation so far.
You: for me, at least.
Stranger: Oh ok bye
You: Bye!
암호 파트까진 메모리 읽어가면서 재밌게 플레이 했는데 장애물 통과 맵에서 포기했습니다.

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The solubility of zinc oxalate is 7.9

M at 18 degrees C. Calculate its Ksp.

^recommended for Christians. Might be a bit weird to someone else.
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Emulation > Configure > Input > Motion / Touch
themself vs themselves
Frick lemon batteries
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I basically remade the button from reddit, but to work on TCaS! Please consider being a participant, as I need as many people as possible for this to work properly.

(Yes, this is actually my clipboard)

Well would you look at that, bill wurtz is on my clipboard.
[not gonna paste it here, but it was a really long vent paragraph about family issues]
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bro what
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