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what if the numbers don't mean anything
[censoring discord tag just incase] how long did it take you to learn php. i want to make FulpNet or Foogle+ and with my amateur html css knowledge i will make many the application
copy pasta!
ok shes ready were leaving now
First sword win. The aspect that does critical is actually bomb (also I stacked like 6 critical boons)
Thanks for the support!
oh do you mean me not replying to this thread at the same time as i do with the others?
oh do you mean me not replying to this thread at the same time as i do with the others?

nooooo my dots :(

hoylecake said:
[censoring discord tag just incase] how long did it take you to learn php. i want to make FulpNet or Foogle+ and with my amateur html css knowledge i will make many the application

why would you use php when you could use not php?
Me on my way to the local playground to abduct some children. ─=≡Σᕕ(ತДತ)ᕗ
Oh no.
Rr x rr


aprzn123 said:

why would you use php when you could use not php?

hmm. profound. also javascript is PooPoo!!!!!
(╭☞´༎ຶ ͜ʖ´༎ຶ)╭☞ (╭☞´༎ຶ ͜ʖ´༎ຶ)╭☞ (╭☞´༎ຶ ͜ʖ´༎ຶ)╭☞ (╭☞´༎ຶ ͜ʖ´༎ຶ)╭☞ (╭☞´༎ຶ ͜ʖ´༎ຶ)╭☞ (╭☞´༎ຶ ͜ʖ´༎ຶ)╭☞

oh no, not this
am i allowed to spam the chat with meaningless conversation in order to bump up any mention of the game?
why not
alright, alright, alright
but if you think about it, all conversatino is meaningless
nothing is real
even these long and short taps
hard hard do you press your keyboard?
the way i see it, if you press your keyboard hard it makes your words louder
my a key is gently stuck, so it feels like i'm screaming
but not any other letters
but i can hear the clickity clack
through my headphones
right now i'm listening to bagpipes
they're very loud
but i'm louder
this is fine
my clickity clacks cut through the noise
click, clack
i am in control here
i click clack louder
they can't do anything
because i am the only person who can hear them
and if i stop, they stop
it's like if a tree falls in a forest
but why do trees have to fall?
why can't we apply cut tape?
nothing ever goes wrong with large amounts of duct tape
but if you use enough, there is no more tree
because thee tree is no longer visible
there is only duct tape
and if you use a lot
then the tree is cut down to make more
these are the only words that matter
nothing else
lots of other words are floating around
i wonder what they taste like
[my name]
did u fill out the masssicre
this is an accurate transcription of my thought process
no not yet
let's go
where we we
oh, yeah
and i said, öfficer obie, i cannot tell a lie, i put that envelope under the half ton of garbage".
after speaking to officer obie for forty-five minutes on the telephone, we finally arrived at the truth of the matter
friendly reminder that there is no need to scroll up
there is only this
nothing else
everything's fine
think about idk puppies
puppies are so fluffy
remember luna?
she wasn't a puppy
but she was very floofy
not all puppers are floofs
not all floofs are puppers
such is the way of the world
i think my a key is now unstuck
i pressed it so hard that it decided to start working again
i wonder what would happen if a pressed it down continuously
or if i got 2 keyboards
and several coins
and lined up the a keys
and pressed them together
and wired them both into the same computer
it's like those useless machines
that turn themselves off when you turn them on
well one day i saw two connected
with a bar
and so they would endlessly turn themselves on or off
until the bar slipped
but that's really what happens
othing lasts forever
even this won't last forever
by monday i'll be asleep
i hope
maybe not
maybe i won't sleep
i'm not sure
i'm never sure if i'm going to go to sleep or not
whenever i got to sleep i'm never awake enough to notice
that's the problem with consciousness
you only know when you're conscious when you're conscious
when you're unconscious, you have to rely on other things
like the sun
or other people
some days i relp on other people
i wouldn't be typing in this chat right now if is wasn't for other people
because you see, everything's connected
just pay attention to these lines
they are smooth
they keep going
and they don't stop here
i wrote a music once
it sounded nice
i wonder where it is now
i think i remember it some
those were nice chords
i saw a gift shop once
in the mountains
there was good food
i wonder if they're still open
i don't know
right now my brain's on autopilot
and it's typing whatever it's think of
isn't that funny?
to know you're not conscious, but not be able to do anything about it
it's like suddenly your feelings just kinda feel dull
like they're not real
it happens to me a lot
like last friday
when we were running
by the maccy's
i stepped outside myself
it's like slaughterhouse-five
but with macdonald's
the last time i was at that macdonald's i ordered a large root beer
because there was a special
sales are just a way for you to lose more money
my grandmother has a problem with that
she grew up in the depression
and now she goes to [store] and buys alrge quantities of food
like i think one time she bought several large cans of beans
and left them
i think she forgot about them
and the sat under the snooker table for year
i think they're still sitting there
i don't like beans too much
but i hear they're good food
a lot of my family does weird
like the black friday thing
where at midnight a few chosen individuals go to [store] and by 4 plasma tvs
and everyone's mildly drunk so nobody objects to our buying 4 plasma tvs
and then the next morning we wake up and we go downstairs and there are 4 plasm tvs
and nobody knows what to do with them
so they just are there
like the beans
my grandmother watches a lot of tv
she likes westerns
oftentimes i can walk into her cabin and she'll be laying in bed with the tv on
it's how she gets her news
my family has cabins around a small lake in [city]
it's a nice place
i like it there
it's been around for a long time
it's where i lived when i went back for the summer
when there are a lot of people there
things start getting very fun
every thursday night is hamburger night
and [person] get out the grill
and grills hamburgers and hot dogs for the whole lake
and everyone brings a side dish
normally my family brings watermelon
we usually serve it with mint
we get the mint from the side of the [person] cabin
[my name]
i remember on the night before my first year everyone had a potluck
and out family brought the watermelon and mint
and we talked about it
because we had had the same last thursday
and so i thought i was familiar with it
and the more i talked the more i realized i didn't know why we put the mint on
because it tastes nice i guess
and everyone laughed
and it was great
a lot of people liked it
i wasn't sure how well the watermelons were in [state]
i didn't think they grow there
i still don't think they grow there
but they were alright
i remember going to [store]
and getting the watermelon
and thumping it to see if it was ripe
and it was good
it made a nice thunk sound
and the watermelon was very red inside
and slightly transparent
that's how lightweight it was
and it melted in your mouth
it just turned into sugar water
i remember when we moved my grandmother gave us a tupperware container full of the watermelon
for the road
and we saved it and ate it on the first night we ever stayed here
and that was the last night i remember feeling like i lived in [state]
except when we went back for the summer
that was nice to see
i love the climate in the summer
it's humid, but normally it's not too bad once you get used to it
there's no paved roads by the cabins
it's only gravel
because the concrete reflects a lot of heat
i remember seeing a newspaper article from the 90's
talking about the cabins and the lake
and how the temperature by the lake was ten degrees lower than the temperature in the town
the town's name is [town]it's the town i lived in from when i was two to when i was six
there's a semi-famous restaurant there
and it has the best cheese fries
every saturday when the college is playing a home football game you can't even get in the door
every year there's a homecoming parade
and almost every year i've been there
i wasn't there this year or last year
but then one year i wasn't there
and that was the year that one of the cars crashed
so i'm glad i wasn't there
the parade goes down main street
right by my family shop
[the name of the shop]
[the address of the shop]
it's been open since 1959
almost all my family works there
even my grandmother still works there
she was there when it open
i think she opened it
there's a sonic across the street that's the very first sonic ever built
and there's a shortcake diner next to that
and that diner's been open 24/7 for forty years
one time in the late 90's my family helped repair the place
and they closed
and nobody could find the key to the door
because it had been open for so long
our family's worked on about every building in [town]
one time the parents of one of the college kids moved here
and they weren't sure whether to hire us or not
and so they asked who could recommend us
and my uncle said to ask anyone on their street because he'd personally worked on all of them
our family traveled across the country working to put the floors in for a bagel company
and the bagel company was co-owned by my aunt's ex-husband
and they got bought by [restaurant]
i think my aunt's ex-husband is still salty about it
but he's opened other restaurants
like one in [city]
that's the city that i lived in for the longest
and there's a street there called [street] street
and on [street] street there's a restaurant that my aunt's ex-husband owns
it's called [restaurant]
it's designed like a speakeasy
and it has these really neat mechanical fanse
and i always order the same thing
a hyde park burger
it has melted swiss and sautéed onions and japeños and pineapple
and i've looked around
and nobody really hss anything else like it
there's one restaurant in [other city]
i think it's called the [hotel name] hotel
because it used to be a hotel
and they served a good burger there
but every christmas [restaurant] goes all out
the first year they got in trouble from the fire marshal because there were so many decorations
every so often
about 40 minutes
all the lights would go out
and then there would e a light show
when it was on you could see it from across the street, even when the curtains were drawn
and on [street] street there's so many good restaurants
like [pizza place]
i think it's a local place
but it's amazing
and there's also a trattoria further west
i went there once
and then there's a [mexican place]
i haven't see a [mexican place] in [state] so i'm going to assume they're not here
and further east there's a north-south street that intersects it
it's called [road]
and in the southwest corner of that intersection there's a bank
[town] national bank
and on the outside it has a tinted glass design
and to the north, on [road]
there's a [store]
[store] is an [state]-based ice cream place and hamburger place and also it's a grocery store
they're everywhere
then south of the [store] there's [road] square
and it's got a lot of shops and stuff
my mother's sister works at a bakery there
every [weekday] night in summer there's live music
i'm tired, i think i'll stop here

anything in brackets was edited
aiting for? Go to the video description, click on the special links and you'll get 50,000 silver and a free epic champion as part of the new player program to start your journey! Good luck and I'll see you there!
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