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You removed Reid Yoder from the Hangout.

gotta keep him off guard
Yes! This is the cactus everyone always wanted! The kind that would penetrate a man so hard that-actually there’s no way I could finish this sentence without making it sound awful.
While they have a ranged attack with their tongue like regular Strikers, Chargers as their name suggests prefer to charge and use melee attacks. They are capable of delivering a series of punches which add up to a lot of damage, meanwhile, their thick skin allows them to hold up against gunfire better than most enemies. Chargers make a rather distinguishable sound when listening to their environment, which can be compared to the sound of bone or treebark slowly cracking, only a bit more distorted and slowed down.
News reporter
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Biologists use Punnett squares to determine the likelihood of an offspring having a particular combination of alleles of genes.
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if yo cyber bully. you say Squirt .or Discord

professional help > friends
depression is treatable (cool)

ways to feel better:
take meds
talk to someone
coping mechanisms:
self harm <-NOT GOOD (dont cut yourself)
good coping vvvvvvv
play sports
listen to music
draw art. sometimes if youre really depressed you can draw graphic art which for some reason helps get the anger out of you. art is just a good form of venting
WRITING, very good mechanism, here do this: look down at your keyboard and just type whatever's in your head, it feels great just dumping your thoughts into text and it also looks cool and surreal, so much so that it's become a writing medium of it's own (see: radiohead)

WHAT YOU SEE can control your emotions, negative things can make you feel down
example: watching scary stuff right before bed is bound to give you nightmares
"DONT WATCH ScARY VIDEOS BEFORE BED if you dont wanna have nightmares that night. nightmares are kinda cool tho"

if you notice a change in a friend REACH OUT

A - Acknowledge suicide in a friend
C - show your friend that you Care
T - Tell a Trusted adult
what is this
Slugger Ann

i thought that was an exclamation mark because of your dot
What dot?

well i took it
* P_{\mathrm T}
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