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Because they don't like you.

Why does nobody like me?
Because you're too much work.

Or am I just projecting?
Yeah, you're really just projecting.

Why aren't I better at this Mafia game? The other newbies all seem like naturals. (How do they all find the time to post?!)
You need to constantly check

How do I Kamehameha like Goku?
Three exploding fire dildo swords.

What webcomics should I look at (besides QC and xkcd)?
Also, TPYK, all you need to do is post and you will get better. Last game you didn't really contribute, all you need to do is post once or twice a day. That takes maybe 15-20 minutes.
Stand Still Stay Silent, man.

Why do humans have five fingers?
So they can count words.

In your political opinion, how exactly will Donald Trump destroy the nation?
Racism, bigotry, and bad hair.

What is your favorite shade of purple?
I like the purple one.

What is your name?
A name not worth saying.

What doth life?
Life doth twist and turn.

What does the fox say?
Hey, isn't that by Elvis?

What's the best game you've played in the forum recently?
Meow's Mafia, but we lost.

Do you like mafia?
Yeah, I played that game.

How about you? Do you like Mafia? (Hopefully not Langston.)
Last game was fun, yeah.

What is wave-particle duality?
I don't know, do you?

What is life?
A collection of chemical processes.

Randy made me do it.

What is this feeling?
Is it love, oh baby?

Can you be my valentine?
I don't see why not!

When's the best time to have a bake sale?
UndefinedFunctionException: love("thesane1")


Any time that isn't winter.

Why does the sun rise and set?
The earth is spinning respectively.

You are what's goin' on. ;D

What should I make with aluminum?
A great, big death machine.

Arr, ye be a pirate?
No, for here be dragons!

But really though, all I got planned is balls.
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