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Why not try to influence?
Because I'm way too lazy.

Perhaps that should be "whom".

Why does grammar matter?
It could save a life.

How can one save lives?
With modern science and medicine.

Before the point of death.

What comes next?
Afterlife in the other worlds.

Why do we need to die?
A lack of real estate.

Is a home on the range still viable?
Yes, but only in Kentucky.

How long should I wait for?
Until it's the right time.

Is this the real life?
No this isn't real life

Or is this just fantasy?

Can i has a donut?
No, you may not. Never!

Was that too harsh?
Perhaps, perhaps not. Can't tell.

Why is my nail bleeding?
Hammers and fingers don't mix.

Why am I so hyper?
Lots and lots of excitement?

Why do we have so many elements?
The S-Process and the R-Process.

Please define the neutron drip line.
Neutrons tend to drip here.

Best life hack?
Be on TCaS more often.

Tips on dealing with a crush?
Crush Orange is flavourful soda.

That's not what they meant, is it?
I don't think it is.

Any hype theories lately?
I've got 17 for Half-Life

Do hyphenates count as one word?
Please define "hyphenate", if able.
No question breaks the game
Hyphenate (as a noun) is usually defined as a title, word, or phrase that is hyphenated
Did you betray us?
Not intentionally. Apologies for errors.
To answer the previous question...
Perhaps, perhaps not. Maybe 1.5?

How does one format a statement into a question using only five words?
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