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Aight you little fricks lets do this

we start at 50

Girls go down by 1 and guys go up by 1

Seems like a lower version of gender race right?


So I don't even know how to explain how this thread works so I'll go first.



Let's start with Apple. Change 1 letter :D


I wish that this thread will actually work

(corrupt me)


In goes Ross from friends.

What comes out and what goes back in?


This is a dumb thread
Why am I doing this oi
please don't hate me guys


(place why I'm banned here, for example-
"banned for having a dumb idea and actually going through with it."


Tell me something about myself, for example-
"^is probably insane"


[complaints about how dumb I am go here]
Nah fuck this I have a Gatling gun and 300,000,000 rounds and this hill is my hill.
* Runs away screaming *
fourtee nine?
I'm just waiting for someone with the dedication to continue this



Granted, but it only works rarely

I wish I didn't spend so much time on this post.


Out comes Bob Ross and Animals

In goes a bad word.


Banned for making a monster.


^ Spends time on dumb ideas
I win.
Banned with my gatling gun for winning.

My applehill.
Fifty-one and PLAY
Granted but you miss this post
Out comes angry mob
In goes this 5-line haiku
^ is banned just 'cuz

(^ is read as "up")
My Gatling gun wails
Hot sticky lead fills the land
This is my damn hill.
I am an ocean.
Your puny fire is nothing
To me. My damn hill.
You are anus butter
Wish fulfillment died
With Freud; I shan't butter your
Yearning anal hole.

This hill is going to be taken like the Russians taking hill 3234
Russia's cold blackened
Earth will not save you from my
Gatling gun's howling.

My hill.
This bear says otherwise
That bear has a Gatling gun. I have a bigger Gatling gun. The bear respects my gun. Your bear is now mine. So is this hill.
Yknow what screw this I'm going with this.

I'm giving all the kids guns to fight the grizzlys. My hill.
No but the bear isn't just a bear he's a bear with a Gatling gun. And he's not alone I have a bigger Gatling gun. We triumph over you fuckin kids. My hill.
granted, but I'm Wall from fairy tail. I have a bigger machine gun. My hill motherbuckets
I don't know who that is. Also he only has one machine gun. My bear and I have two. My hill.
I have the dartling gunner from btd5 with 5 upgrades in lasers. My hill.
I have a hulk. My hill.
Hulk smash.

No hill.
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