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If there were exceptions, we wouldn’t know about them.
That depends on what you mean by "know". I expect that you could describe a unicorn even though unicorns do not exist.
i forgot what I was gonna say
I wonder when the eventual sandboxing will happen.
Would they even care about this place?
It's very nearly dead.
Would they sandbox it, even if this place is fully dead?
Or will it just be left here as a relic?
I wonder. If only this place were more active.
That would depend entirely on the people that are here, if they are active.
i thought sandbox was for overactivity
I have returned from my trip in the wasteland. It's carnage out there guys! The zombies aren't even the half of it either. The radiation has mutated the rest of the creatures out there beyond recognition. I just hope Mathy is doing alright. I was unable to make contact with him or Red. Tinny is no where to be seen. I fear the worst.
That's a bazinga moment
Alas, I have returned as well. The bathroom has been hell this past year.
Spare us the details.

Or don't....
tc3692 said:
Same but most people end up scrolling past it. Oddly enough this is still not sandboxed lol

Mods never really boxed game threads.
guyguy said:
Spare us the details.

Or don't....

I just realized that since I'm the owner of the Discord Server for the Basement that makes me owner here now. :O The basement is back in business for those who aren't dead yet. Or should we put it up to a vote? Nah in homage to the chaotic fun that is Arale I am now Basement Owner due to the previous Owner turning up missing. We need order and I shall take on the task as I have the best credentials to do so. If you have any requests or if anything important pops up feel free to notify me here, on discord, or in a PM. This has been a message from tc3692 AKA: The Baroness of Cats and Chief Adviser of Cat Care. Now promoted to Ruler of the Basement Dwellers.
Can i go outside?
At your own risk.
whats outside?
A post-apocalyptic wasteland. We may not let you back in, especially if you bring "friends" back with you.
Crap ton of radiation, among other things.
eh not that bad
how convenient. I'm in the middle of playing fallout new vegas.
Which ending are you going for? Alignment?
Not sure. Someone told me Yes Man is the best, but I'm planning on doing most side stuff then splitting the save to get all endings.
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