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Ah, wonderful, Stripes is here.
Stripes, I'd like you to meet Harold here.
(Harold waves.)
hello harold. would you like to partake in song and dance?
(Harold nods excitedly. He has a love for musicals. As you two are the same height, dancing will be quite easy.)
yippee! after we dance we can fight to the death (you will loose)
Use Skippy.
Accidentally posted the same thing twice ?!
I believe there's a theater you guys could use somewhere in one of the strip malls. I'd be surprised if there isn't a theater, but if you don't find one, we can zone out more of the underground for one.
What's a strip mall? Is it a mall where pretty ladies and lads get naked?
No, it's a mall that's usually outdoors and only one story tall. It's like a bunch of connected stores in a line.
Aww. So no fun escalators? No fun dancing naked people? Sad.
One can wish.
what kind of music has everyone been listening to?
i've been enjoying Pieces of a Man by Gil-Scott Heron and Ants From Up there by Black Country, New Road!
Oh my god she's back.
<color value="#34def6">hello!!</color>

edit :
color did not work lol
  • "#34def6" is not a valid color name.
Arale said:
edit :
color did not work lol

Blake changed it. You now need to enter the physical color name in the "value" field.
Holy shit
Ay yo...
Welcome back to the basement Arale!

Music has been wildly different genres recently. Stupendium was the most recent artist I've listened to though.

In the spirit of the start of this thread, may we add a Karaoke bar to the giant strip mall?
Isn't a strip mall a mall where all the pretty ladies go to dance naked on poles?
Acky, you've already made this joke.
I did?

My memory is awful. I plan out all these jokes, they get mixed up. I guess it happens.
No worries. Still pretty funny the second time around.

If you can't see the image, let me know.</image>
Oh yeah. I remember now.

Oh boy. I actually didn't know what a strip mall was back then, now that I remember.
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