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That's an awfully nice dark theme. Tell me your secrets, Hoyle.
This is a bunch of technical jargon. TL;DR: It's a style I cobbled up in CSS ("injected" using Stylus) a while ago. Still working on it.

It's a stylesheet I hacked up in CSS a few days ago. I was able to append it to the website using Stylus (Stylish isn't a good alternative don't use it) and I've just been fixing and adding things since. The absence of classes on some elements is absolutely horrifying and an absolute pain to select, so that's one major road block. I can give you the CSS code so far, but some elements are still in light mode and thus are hard to look at, including the ask page and the forum homepage. Again, these items have no way to identify them and doing so anyway would inadvertently select other elements I have no interest in modifying. The only solution would be to modify the HTML itself which is... difficult. Everything else is okay, though.
haha nerd
Oh damn, Arale? Been a while.
haha nerd

How can I recover from this?
Okay, Hoyle, your new avatar looks simply fabulous.
Made me think you were Dumbkeara for a second
I forgot dumbkeara had a Mimikyu avatar, woopsie. Thank you, though.
It appears that after all this time. It still is here
The basement indeed still has life.
I am indeed surprised that this hasn't been sandboxed yet it's been derailed for a long while
it was barely ever on the rails to begin with
Fair enough. Which is why it should have been sandboxed by now lol
Truly, the basement lives strong.
I just wanted to put some ascii gun art >:|
Arale's Basement. Ara. Arale's Basem
Hello there!
The basement consumes all. Unless you went out during the fallout, like me.
Yes. I am only a husk of my former self after nearly six years here. One could call it a blessing I am still alive. But it feels more like a curse. I could use some water but I turned it all to jello years ago. How silly of me. I could have anything of my imagining but now I simply just want but one glass of water for my parched and brittle throat.
Definitely a change after a while. Gotta say, the basement did help out quite a bit for the time it was alive.
Honestly same. Not all of us still show ourselves and I miss those that have been lost to the unmapped sublevels.
*a very distant "Wahoo!"*
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