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Of course, go ahead.
Ok well I rode the streetcar over the holidays and it was fun but they kicked a homeless guy off which was absolutely bogus since it's a free streetcar. Also the Fiserv Forum from the outside looks like some kind of alien sushi roll. And it's really cold out. I don't like it.

Phew...that actually felt good to rant about.
Fair enough
the discord is so dead
looks like my profile pic isn't appropriate anymore ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Someone should send an update to everyone who used to be here. A reunion of some sorts. Almost everyone has left or gone AWOL, so it'd be nice to catch up.
How'd we do that though? I guess we could put a ping in the discord...
Are there group dm's on twocans?
Edit: we can
that would be nice
sa dude
according to google translate you said "By time" in japanese
Interesting. I must ask though why did she say that? hmm...
I think dave barry is a guy
I think so too
Could I snag that discord link?
its on the first page
May I take refuge here?
Of course, make yourself comfortable.
Welcome to our humble abode. You may never leave now. Unless you want to try to survive the nuclear wasteland outside.
where's arale?
1 2 oatmeal
Kirby is a pink guy
1 2 oatmeal
because he’s very cute
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