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So I was on my Arale's Basement thread, and I believe it was Kitty1Cat! Who suggested this- A pet room. Now, I know that usually the pet room would be within my basement, but I wouldn't want to manage both the basement and the pet room at the same time on the same thread, so here's the pet room! Also, if this works, we could also possibly implement a Doge Diner, which was created by Mathy =D Anyway, currently, there's my dog andKitty's dragon! If any other people want to bring their pets, we can have a MASSIVE PET PARADISE WITH KITTY VENDING MACHINES AND THE CUTEST THING IN THE WORLD :D

Anyway- this is here, anyone can suggest rules, hopefully it'll be lit =D
What about puppy vending machines?
Can I be the manager, or co manager if that's not possible?
to puppy vending machines- YES THAT WOULD BE AMAZING

To Magician- Sure! You can be manager =D you can answer questions while I'm not on
I'll be head of organization. I guess.
ta sa ra MY DOT

What do you mean head of organization?
By the way I would like to drop of my pet Iguana named Fluffy. He needs friends.
What are we all putting in the pet room
I'll place my pet dogs. They're harmless, so no worries, right?
Yes to bothe the iguana and the dogs
He must wear booties tho
Okay I love to dress my Fluffy. I dressed him in little reindeer antlers and a red nose once for Christmas.
He must've hated that
Actually he seemed pretty chill with it. I'm not sure though.
Heh heh. I only got them a rather large supply of dog food, but a different brand than they already eat.
We should instal a pet food dispenser, for every kind of pet, but I should leave that up to arale
I would agree, if I was Arale.
But your not
I know.
i do =D

I'd like my dog sweetums to come and my cousin's cat belle

they don't deserve her

micaela- we bring our pets and give them the best life ever :D
Arale, now THAT sounds like a great idea!
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