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(Covered in blood) Can't you see I'm injured? And you worry about a stupid Ice cream cone!
I can magik you better, I can't magik ice cream to be eaten
Fine. Give it here. I wish you good night afterwards. *eats cone*
its real n hours all day yeah
there are literally 3 pets in this room the rest is delbeto being poked in the eye
Good point.
Are the 24 paradox kitties here?
Short and relevant.
Lol I love Rick and Morty.
That's actually one of the most relevant things ove seen in a while
I'll put my pet Cthulhu in here
Place it in the tank.
Ctulu be werever he damn wants to be
Well, ok. But make sure it's in water.
Hay, hood the manager here?
can my friend avanica bring her cat?
Can I bring my doggo?
What kind of doggo?
A blue healer boarder collie mix
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