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In this form, someone creates two possibilities, a good one, and a bad one, then the next person says if they would take the chance or not, then gives another 50-50 question

There is a mystery bottle, on one hand it could be coke, on their other, it could be vinaigre, would you take a drink?
*Breath in* No.

There's a suitcase full of money. It has been full of either $1 million or a negative item. Would you open it?
... yes, I don't have to take the negative item, whatever it is...

There's a box, in it is either 20 angry hornets, or a Diamond bigger then a chihuahua
Sell either one

There's the solution to all the dots and there's a samsung galaxy about to explode
Yes I would take that chance. I can always get a new phone if need be.

There is a chance of immortality or instant death.
I wouldn't take it... immortality is not as fun as it sounds... living past all my friends and family? No thanks...

Would you walk into a dark room, that could be revealed to be your heaven-on-earth, or the room is revealed to be your hell-on-earth?

There's a folder. Inside is either animated donkey porn or a deed to a house
I'd take the chance, bothe those sound neat *winks*

There's a knock at the door, there is either a basket of kittens, or someone who wants your liver
Not gonna happen.

A box was left on your porch/ door. It contains either essential items or a crazy girl who mailed herself.
I'd take it, could always stab that bitch,

Either I'd be your magiks mentor, or 50 wasps apear inside your body
I'd take it. I like magiks.

Your backpack either has a lab you need to hand in for your final grade or a scorpion
No chance at all. I could always redo the lab later.

my bad

A drink that cures anything or instantly kills you.
post your own
Nah, I don't have cancer or anything,

There's a box, in the box is either 12 more boxes or 47 more boxes
I need boxes, I don't care at this point.

Room with infinite computers or infinite free wifi.
I would most definitely take it.

Ability to breath underwater or inability to breath without an oxygen tank.

There a donut, it either has the best jam filling ever, or mayonnaise in it

Open a laptop. there's either gore or the cutest puppies in the world
I'd open it anyway. I'm immune to both.

Open a book. It's starts with a sex scene or a completely average chapter.
Nah, who wants to read an average chapter anyways?

You have a button. If you push it, you will receive 1 of 2 things in your lap: $1M or a primed grenade.
Oh yeah. My neighbour could so use a grenade!

Surgery will leave you pin-up good looking or a hideous abomination.
Nah, don't care about my lookers, you stick a hand into a piqued, it's either magiks potion that makes you buff or acid that melts of your hand
Hell no. I don't know what that magic does.

You go down in history, but it's either as Hitler or Mussolini.
Yes, I hope it's hitler!

You either get shot in the leg or get all Donald trumps money
Nah man because then I would say things like "A small loan of a million dollars."

You can either Fly and be able to land without death or Fly and die upon landing.
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