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The rules are simple. The person before you will have posted two choices and you have to choose witch one you would want. then you post two choices. Here is the catch. all of the choices have to be horrible things that no one would want to do.

Would you Rather:
Be stuck in a room full of spiders or be stuck in a room full of vampire bats?
I'm fine with spiders. Bats can be smelly.

Play on the swings or on the roundabout?
Swings. I am weird because I like playing on the swings.

Always have a paper cut or always have an eye tick.

Sandwich: just Peanut Butter or just Marmalade?
Just peanut butter. I freaking love peanut butter.

Have a fifty pound seagull poop on your head or have a random stranger pick your nose.
random stranger.

Would you rather forsake this site or have everything taste like stale crackers
Everything taste like stale crackers. I would miss you all too much.

Permanently end the internet or never be able to play videogames again.
Video games

Would you rather fuck a dog or fuck a cat

Would you rather lose all your family or all your friends
I wouldn't give my family up for the world.

Marbles or marionettes?
Ooh, oddly a tough choice...

Sneezing risks a heart attack at random, or yawning risks a stroke at random?
Sneezing. We're a lot better at treating heart attacks than strokes (I think.)

Free power for the rest of your life, or free water for the rest of your life?
Free power. It's much cheaper than to buy water.

Chancla or a shoe tomahawked at you?
Shoe tomahawk I guess?

Would you rather be a male that looks like a female or a female that looks like a male?
Male that looks like a female. I am trans so...

Die before your friends or live for ever and watch your friends die.
Die before my friends, so they can live their lives, even if it is without me. I can just hope I was not bleeding out on the floor because of a insane killer, but that cant be helped.

Would you rather
Eat ONLY your favorite food for a week, or anything but it for a week?
eat my favorite food for a week, because i practically do that anyway

would you rather stop using the internet for a week, or stop living real life for a week
I could do without the Internet, that sounds like a good idea actually.

Would you rather post in an old thread or start a new one?
Post in an old thread, because it may soon be revived

would you rather speak in nothing but riddles, or only speak in references
Riddles because I think that would be fun

Would you rather start a new account or be banned for three months and come back?
I world rather start a new account

Would you stand in the hospital next to the Chernobyl Reactor for 1 hour or have 50 pigeons peck you 13 hours a day for 2 days
I started a new account gottem
I'd rather get have the pigeons peck me.

Would you rather have your current icon be downgraded or your ween and/or boob size decrease?
You planned this for me didn't you

Icon downgrade

would you rather eat ham or poptarts for the rest of your life?
Ham, more protein and less fat and stuff.

Would you rather fire a deadly laser or travel anywhere in 3 minutes?
This was also planned for me

Fire a deadly laser, because i can do the other one already

would you rather lick the school lunch table or look at a picture of andrew wood's wood
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