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I would like this to become an ongoing game, like anyone's creation would.
Hopefully this isn't already up, I didn't see it.
The concept is a cross between Corrupt a Wish and Useless superpowers, Someone posts a relatively useful superpower and the second person thinks of a way to ruin it, make it useless or just say one big flaw in the power.
Lets give it a try!

Person 1: The power to fly
Person 2: Your ears would pop at high altitude, also the government and press would be all over you.

Lets keep it alive!
The power to keep threads alive
yeah rip
No, I mean like seriously
Sure, why not?

You have the power, but every time you do it, people think you're annoying.

The power to become invisible.
You couldn't see

The power to teleport any distance
Sure, but your heart stays in the same place

May as well add some weird powers now,

The ability to Cook the perfect hamburger.
you would probably become fat.
power to read minds
You hear only the thoughts nobody wants to here

The ability to kill whoever you want when you snap.
You get bombed after multiple failed swat raids

Power to speed up time
It only speeds up time for you

The power to feel air
It weighs you down like a ton of bricks

The power to play the piano flawlessly
your life becomes a long endless task of performing
Power to walk through walls
You would also fall through the earth and die from both pressure and heat.
But which first?

The power to summon food
you get fat

power to fall asleep instantly
Be careful not to blink at work or school

Power to not be able to be cut.
"It's infected. The only way you're gonna be able to live through this is if we amputate."

The power to completely erase matter at will
The only thing you can erase is yourself.

The power to change font without clicking anything
But you can only set the font to Comic Sans.

The power to be able to understand animals.
The screams of the bacteria are driving you crazy!

The ability to easily bypass internet paywalls.
You are tracked down by the FCC and forced to pay for the building of a new wall.

The power to instantly solve Scooby-Doo mysteries.
you wouldn't like the show

power to charge your phone instantly
I took the liberty of assuming you meant "instantly" to mean 0.01 seconds or less, so...

The phone would explode due to about 3600k joules, or 878 grams of TNT's worth of energy being forced through its tiny circuits. Either that or it would melt.

The power to always win staring contests.
Just because you're able to not blink, it doesn't mean you don't need to.

The power to end a life.
It’s your life.

The power to create a cow.
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