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You can breathe anywhere there's air, like everyone else, congratulations

the power to gain a mind of steel
It is literally a steal brain and you die.

That moment when you have depression but you can't commit suicide

Infinite Happiness
You can't feel empathy for those who are sad and need you so they all kill themselves.

only to one thing at a time. You can be invincible to getting hurt but you can still die from starvation or suffocation.

to make anyone active at any time
But you yourself can never be active.

this song shows everything that can go wrong with that. Especially if you read the novel based on it.

The power to use any pokemon moves without any backlash unless it's recoil damage.
But every move now has recoil damage and it kills you.

The ability to spit acid.
granted, but you burn your mouth to do so.

The power to double post on gender race.
But you get banned for double posting too much.

The power to win at everything.
it gets boring

no power (just cuz')
you need to live normally.

Immunity to physical injuries.
It's because you're made of heavy metal and because of that, you can't fly on an airplane, ride in an elevator, swim, etc.

Stretchy powers
In cold you can shatter and in heat you can melt.

Forcefield creation.
the forcefield doesn't prevent aggression within it...

you're popular but not in a good way. everyone wants you dead.

You get migraines

The power of humor
you're the only one that ends up laughing.

the power to stop any natural disaster
For two seconds only then it continues as scheduled.

Super strength
you break everything you touch

Ice powers
Flashbacks to frozen Yeah I can see a few problems

you can only burn yourself

electric powers
You electrocute yourself to death

water powers
You cause $10,000,000,000.00 in water damage learning how to control the powers.

Fix-it powers
But you can never escape prison as you just make the bars better.

Seduction powers
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