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you seduce a golddigger

drifting skills
You drift off to sleep by accident all the time. This is perilous.

The sixth sense.
you now have 6 cents.

matter manipulation
people avoid you because you are always in their business

The ability to manipulate the stock market to your advantage
the entire economy crashes, rendering the power useless.

the power to make anyone find you attractive, but only if you want them to.
You have the power, you want them to find you attractive. Unfortunately, they found you attractive, but didn't care about you at all. This leads to some complications that require a therapist or something later down the road while you wonder how you wasted all those years and aren't sure if you can start over again.

The power to microwave microwavable popcorn without a microwave.
you always burn the popcorn using that power

the ability to control the world
The world is dying and there's nothing you can do.

The power of hypnosis
you can only hypnotize yourself to do really stupid things like spin around 5 times before you walk down the stairs

You can now shift shapes slightly to the left

Infinite stamina
Your recovery time is terrible

you can only hypnotize yourself to do really stupid things like spin around 5 times before you walk down the stairs

The power to control the wind.
But you can only make windstorms that destroy your stuff.

Infinite wisdom
No one wants it

Magneto's powers
You accidentally control the iron in your blood and rip yourself apart.

The power to remember everything.
You remember the entire history of everything and your brain implodes

The power to mind control animals to do your bidding
environmentalists euthanize you

the power to destroy stuff
You end up like a combination of Bakugo from My Hero Academia and King Midas

Two words: Human. Boombox.
You go through bionic surgery to get a boombox implant. They tell you beforehand that they haven't made a boombox that is actually meant for this kind of thing. You tell them to put it anyway. Long story short, many of the buttons you cant reach because they're inside of you.

Don't think about being set on fire - See? Now it's in your head and you can't get it out. Have fun.

The ability to create burst of sonic resonance that can destroy anything.
Your mortal body isn't strong enough to wield such power and you will die if you use it.

air bending
You haven't developed enough control of your powers yet, so you accidentally wreck your entire home (and surrounding structures) with a runaway tornado.

Portal manipulation.
No one likes you, they say you're too manipulative.

Power to have perfect spelling
You can't spell wrong for the life of you, so you can never make up jibberish words... I guess this doesn't hurt you much. Also, you don't realize this is a supper power because you seem pretty normal... again doesn't hurt you much.

The power to grant my own wishes but only if I say it realy loud in my head three times.
People think you're a witch and you get burned to death.

The power to change the number of protons in an element to create matter
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